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  • Welp, my desktop PC is dead I think. A2 error that reappeared even after a fresh OS install on a barely used SSD. Reinstall made it work until I turned the PC off for an extended duration.
    How to quality shitpost:
    1. See brief, articulated post
    2. Hit Disagree
    3. ???
    4. RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!
    *insert John Cleese*
    I've made so many "don't kinkshame me bro" jokes I don't even remember my real kinks anymore. Maybe I should just print my posting history out and roll a pen.
    "Aha! I rolled a pegging shaman!"
    Sharing scans of my Naruto model sheets:
    Far from all of them, I scanned these years ago. Look you have boobs and Itachi in there, pretty sure that's the average fan sorted.
    I might have some stuff in my physical folders that wasn't posted on the Pierrot blog when it was active.
    Actually the databooks made the distinction of calling the jinchuuriki "Fu" and the Root guy "Fuu". So there is that.
    Romanisation for both is Fū or Fuu, alternatives to differentiate them are down to the translator/fandom so it just depends on where you read your English shtuff. Viz differentiated them by calling ANBU Fū "Foo" and Jinchuuriki Fū "Fu."
    It was in the Japanese databook though. I haven't even seen the official English version.
    Reasons not to visit Naruto subreddit:
    1. It's overrun with poor panel copies/traces, pretty sure that's 99% of the posts there
    2. Speaking of 99%, it's quite hard to find people on the subreddit who've actually read the manga and remember it
    3. Neither of these problems exist here
    4. ???
    Friendly advice, you might want to edit the "goggles" comment you made in ANS, jokes involving those (and colored glasses) were outlawed in 2008 under ban penalty by the admin in charge at the time.

    I find that restriction stupid, but had to abide by it in order to avoid the banhammer.
    I did see it! MANY TIMES.... It was really awesome, though a little messy. I wish the art had been on par with the animation, because I have a ton of screenshots from it (partly for me and partly for you) and most are drawn pretty poorly (his torso isn't even consistently the same length in the vs. Sasuke sequence, nor are his arms consistently muscular). I didn't end up getting any that were like "Good. Yes. Statue-helpful."

    Still, shirtless Mads. Nice. :LOS
    Hey I haven't been able to open my UCP without it crashing thanks to all the reps being visible, but I did manage to see you sent a new message. Do you mind if I send you some pictures over a VM and just send details when the reps are back to 20 and I can read my messages?
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