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  • I think that people who say Human Komamura can ''simply get outlasted'' are not disingenuous. It's just that they are not aware for how long Komamura had activated the Jinka no Jutsu and they assume that he had from the first time he showed against Bambietta until he defeats her.
    So they assume it lasts for a quick fight of 5 minutes , even though it lasts for 5 days.

    It would be better though if Komamura himself waited for a few days and then rip his heart out instead of doing so right after the 1st invasion ended.
    The issue was that he was not aware when the second invasion started and he was also not aware how long Jinka no Jutsu lasts. When he defeated Bambietta , Dangai Joe walks a little and then disappears. Komamura was like ''oh so that's it , Jinka no Jutsu please last a little longer I need to fight Yhwach''

    He could had fought Yhwach with Dangai Joe that would be nice.
    Let’s discuss this more later. We share similar opinions on this matter
    Fair enough!
    Docj , it seems that we are on the same page more in DBZ than we are in Bleach... :catskully
    Crazy as it sounds, it is true from what I’ve seen so far!

    i recently started posting on the DB board because MShadows loves Dragon Ball as well.
    hello my old friend, how goes it :maybe
    Good to see a fellow bud from the golden era of “narutoforums”

    i recently found my way back here after years of being away
    It’s certainly been a while. I’ve graduated from snot nosed high school student to corporate yuppie i suppose
    Sort of.

    I was gone for a year, then I started making sporadic returns. Even then I don't comment on threads that do not involve my savior.

    Berichu is ending in a few chapters, excellent time to make a reappearance.
    Yeah man bleach is getting awsome. I like mah man BG9. Guy just tanked a shunko punch in the face with a simple crack in the face. BG9 is boss/
    How are ya friend?

    Y u no helping your friend Lord Stark?Hitsugaya is getting a lot of shit the last couple of weeks. The anti ice fail legion strikes back. I'm sure they could use some help from the blindsamurai.

    Though gotta respect dat one man army Lord Stark is pulling off. Wish I was not rep sealed so that I could rep him however I'm almost certainly possible that the moment I drop that privellige I will get jumped with gang neggs all over the place. I'm in a pickle it seems.:hmm:quite

    Yo you gonna buy Saints row IV for PS3?:nod
    Docj Bro you posted on your own profile. Similar to your fandom you're making a noob mistake.:maybe

    Ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3 is awsome although I only watched my brother played the game as I well suck.

    Never heard of hotline duty. Though admittely I concern my self with mainly RPG's and MMO RPG's. But damn you have Dragon's crown? Oh my God. I love the red haired witch. Dat curvacious body.:suzuhiko Only watched reviews of the game though.
    Man i game pretty heavy On the PS3, and the PS Vita

    Games i play the most right now are..

    *Ultimate Marve vs. Capcom 3
    *Dragon's Crown
    *Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    *Hotline Miami
    How are ya Docj?

    Did you find some new information about dat Blind Samurai?

    You play vid-games? If so tell me what genres you usualy like to play if not. Then why the hell not?:wth:gun
    I'm glad you did. Come on spread the word about tousen. Our opinons regarding tousen's power seem close when it comes to his vizard transformation and above both of us rate him pretty high compared to the captains and espada. I agree with nearly all your points on that part. I will cheer you on from the sidelines which ever way you choose old friend. Too bad we can't work together anymore.
    But still once you regained your true skill again. You're basically one of the best non kt level BBD'ers when it comes to debating. Infact you posting seem awfully similar to lord Uruhara012(dat uruhara012:datass:gun). Not only that given you showed decent leadership skill when you were leading a neutral party I fell you're fit to lead my espada team besides bieng number 10. I don't need a agressive badass leader. No I needed a well balanced leader who is both strict as kind. Damn it. Docj you were so close.:tomasulk

    Nevermind as that is all in the past. I give you one advice. Don't ever be swayed from protecting your fandom. Tousen level Justice

    Nah the whole grimm6jack thing was just front.:rofl I never cared for him really. I just noticed that for some reasons his bleach and fairytail predictions aren't that much bullshit.:hmm

    He simply acted as my shield in a sense. Infact Grimm6jack was actually one of my d?ten collectors:quite . By encouraging him to step his game up from the sidelines by providing him with databook pages and occasional support I could gather a lot of info through him. Unless people thought I and grimm6jack could really take on the BBD lol. I'm roughly N level(who's BBD 6th espada level in my eyes). People such as you and sables would still beat me with like low-mid difficulty lmao and grimm6jack has nothing to offer other then well his predictions. Grimm6jack is at his own only better then the noobs but that's it. which aren't usefull in the present as they are predictions. Since he still attracted a lot of attention I would use him to get a good grasp of what the BBD thinks regarding match-ups. And then compress all the knowledge and distribute it to all of my espadas.

    My team would have only 3 leaders. Me(evil genius, and comes up with the plans),you(come up with how we're gonna execute that plan) and uruhara012(Uruhara012 goes on regulating the debating skills and tactics to be used. He basically goes over what's happening within the plan.)

    There is no room for grimm6jack.

    No way I will serve a flaming and baiting, stuck up ,ad Nauseum, igrnorant fool of wanker.:ippy

    I would have betrayed grimm6jack sooner or later. Kick him of his throne. He's trash.:rotfl

    Oh thanks bro.

    Blind Samurai Justice FTW.
    This also means that the vasto lorde wanker plan is off as I can never enter the BBD even though I was just about to enroll you as one of the VL wankers number 10 espada and espada commander position given your progress. You were arguebly the best non KT level debator(People such as Jackk and Uruhara012) at this point only to be inferior to arguebly Takahashi and maby sables That's why I wanted to talk to you. Thanks for all your support Docj. You were one of the few people here that took me serious in the sense that you actually cared to debate me how much you might have disagreed with my post.

    Don't stray of your tousen level justice filled path bro.:cry
    I am. I'm section banned. Don't feel the need to explain. However if you are so eager to know just read some of my vm's to Uruhara012 on bleachanime.org, Some of my vm's with SAF etc. You'd get the picture mate.
    Wouldn't necessarily call Shunsui Stark's equal in terms of speed. During their Base battle Stark appeared to have a slight advantage, a resureccion amplifies stats exponentially. Stark should be a good deal faster but Shunsui's reactions allow him to keep up.

    As for the scan, most certainly. Those 2 left Sokyoku hill before Yama yet he arrived there awaiting them sitting down (which implies the feat was casual) indicating the possibility that he took a separate less direct route for them not to have noticed him. At worst Yama and Stark are comparable.
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