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  • Sorry to bother you delirium. but, who's those characters on you avatar? I might have seen them before. :hmm
    hey asshole

    you owe me facetime

    you're never on to stroke my ego anymore :(
    Baka Ouji is a troll among trolls. xD
    Andreas and I just sum up episodes with: :rotfl :rotfl I can't wait for them to introduce a fiancée and she turns out super moe and 100% dere. :maybe

    The manga is cool too, but all the twist and turns have so much text explanation that my brain goes dry before I even finish half.
    Two friends of mine were in japan and wanted to visit the miyazaki museum, but they said they couldn't get in. You can expect to sit on the waiting list for at least a month. :lmao
    So when you do go to Japan.. call in advance. >3

    Hmm, I think Ghibli movies don't do so well in the US in general. They just don't get proper advertisement like Pixar/Disney. I guess there is also the lack of proper nostalgia that lures in older generations. I mean, I know some grew up with Totoro, but they are few.

    And god, I just rewatched Terra e after seeing it in RetroE's sig. I bawwwed so hard. I forcefully tried to blend out the ending when I started watching it again, but now even the thought of the ending scene makes me so horribly sad. T________T
    Hayao Miyazaki has said in an interview, that if their next movie won't do well in the US, they will shut down the whole of ghibli and create a 5 people bureau that regulates rights, ect (or they're simply shutting down the american branch, i am not sure. the sources are unclear in some parts)

    this is like the year of our generations japanese poculture dying :(
    For your next modern Jazz radio set, you should throw in some Pia-no-jaC. It'll be worth it.
    It's embarrassing, really, but I admit that I love to see people fight on TV :awesome I think the point of the show is to let people settle their problems instead of suing or hurting each other, but not before a decent amount of stupidity on TV xD

    I don't think of Nursing as a horrible profession, but sometimes it's sad how some people my age give up their dreams just to go into the direction of money. I want everyone to have the freedom to choose the path that they want instead of worrying about money :( Did t-chang influence your decision to study Japanese? :ho
    Is it just me or does the album go from more or less modern classical piano in the beginning to decidedly jazz in the last half or so?
    Tbh, you always sound like such a stoner on your shows. :rotfl If I didn't know what you looked like, I'd prolly picture you as Beck circa Loser. And now the Tanga in Tangasaurus makes sense. I wondered why anyone would put thong in their name. >__>
    I'm glad you see it as such.

    Sailor Neptune and Uranus are great, though as a kid I disliked them. How tastes change is amazing.
    Hmm, not showing lesbians still seems better than germans alternative of making them a plotdevice or comic relief. Homosexual relationships between men are being treated completely different than these between women. Quite a shame though, as if all lesbian relationships are just fodder before she finds "her man".
    HA! WE HAVE THAT SHOW HERE, TOO! They don't show court hearings, but they ask two feuding sides to settle their arguments on TV lol. It's totally ridiculous but everyone loves watching people fight and insult each other on TV xD Some people think it's fake and scripted, but I have a friend who works in that TV station and she says it's real. They have security people checking on their bags to make sure that they didn't bring deadly weapons to kill each other. The people are not paid to appear on TV, all they get is free food when they agree to go there. Lol they even have police and ambulance there

    That's great. I think a lot of young people have the same dilemma because they can't decide whether to follow what they want, or to follow what could make them successful (or sometimes they just don't know what they want). You know how Filipino parents are.. They want the "best" for their children, even though the "best" isn't necessarily what's in our hearts. I'm glad that my parents let me choose the major that I want. I have a lot of friends who gave up their dreams of becoming a dentist or having a major in music or whatever, just because a certain course (example: Nursing) is more "in demand" in the market right now. My best friend irl is a very talented person. She's very artistic and I admire her for that, but her parents won't let her study Fine Arts because according to them, there's "no money" in Art. She's studying Pharmacy right now :-(

    Psh, some people there threaten to sue whenever they don't get what they want, even if it's impossible. I get threatened like once a week haha

    Japanese major? What made you decide to choose that major?
    Yes we do, but not as much as the Americans :lmao Yeah I know most Americans threaten to sue each other at the slightest things. I had my fair share of threats when I worked in a call center, but I wasn't afraid! :pek

    Are you still studying, delu? What's your major? I feel like I have forgotten most things that I used to know about you.
    DJ Tangasaurus Rex. Well, he got a dope name. Holla at him~
    Imagine that other kids might be listening to you on the radio and are experiencing the same effect. Start to feel alive again and wish to strive for something. Does that feel exciting?

    Well, they are teenagers, so by nature their relationship is not being oversexualized, but even then it has some depth to it. It might just be the most realistic relationship of them all as they actually struggle and waver and feel insecure and unsure about themselves. Though that is mostly thanks to Megan Prescotts performance as Katie Fitch. She does that deep and haunted pretty well.
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