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  • Still not relevant to the discussion.

    And I do remember our last VM convo from years ago.

    You are still asspained.
    Except popularity has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    That's just you being asspained.
    I'm actually not a dupe, even if I might seem to know my way around here :p I've just been lurking for a loooong time, I think I first started to visit OBD when Pipboy and Limit Tester where making their calculations. I just never bothered to make an account :p
    Clearly you don't know how to tell when people joke or not
    tsk tsk you should know better
    pues...m?s probable? Pero en la realidad, lo tengo desde el Ej?rcito Zapatista. Son anarquistas, y me gusta mucho revolucionarios. Pens? que la frase y TTGL son complementarias
    I've never left my country other than visiting my homecountry, so I never went to MoMA. If I ever have the chance to I would definitely visit the Louvre, though.
    I don't like it either. I don't see what people find in it. They don't appreciate the art itself, only the idea that it somehow represents. Also, I don't understand why people were in such a hurry to replace wonderfully painted portraits with black and white photos of themselves. It's just dumb.
    lol does Chuck D have statues dedicated to him? Is Chuck D's influence on rap and society a course in Harvard or Berkley? Yes I know he was one of the first responsible for socially+politically concious music but =/= most influential. There are a handful of rappers that influenced the genre more than tupac persay but there is no rapper that has influenced its audience the way Tupac has and that goes a long way my friend.
    Yes, that is my name. :3 Hahaha, I am a little obsessed with Bowie, I have all of his albums and ugh I can't stop listening to him. I need a therapist. I'm not a huge Dylan fan but only because I have two albums of his.

    Added you! I do like Television, I only have a few songs of theirs but they're on my list of stuff I need to get into. Lennon or McCartney? :uwah I'm not a huge fan of either one individually, I suppose I like a lot of Lennon songs so I'll pick him. I'm more of a George Harrison person. :>

    I did. :hurr
    Hahah, lol I don't know if I'm famous, I've just been around for a long time, but yeah you deserved a rep bro, it was a really good list. Yes, I've had a few Nirvana sets, they're a fantastic band and yes I'm definitely into a lot of music. You seem to have nice taste. :]

    http://www.last.fm/user/flinkployd, you can add me anytime!

    Oh, and yes about your rep, my avatar is Iggy Pop. Loooooove him.

    David Bowie did indeed have a band in the very early 70's and it was called 'The Spiders From Mars', but it was so short-lived that it really doesn't count, he is a solo artist really.
    I negged you because you're an asshole, not because Naruto is awesome. Grow up.
    stfu up aint nobody tell on you bitch i aint a little bitch that runs to the mod when there a problem bitch i handed my on shit you fuckin cunt
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