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  • Violette: (Over Bill) Ohhhhhhhhh my gosh!

    Bill: I told you to give me that burger! Give it to me!

    Violette: (To Bill) Bill, let him go ahead and eat his Big Mac!

    Bill: I want my burger now!

    Violette: Bill, let him have his Big Mac!

    Bill: (To Violette) No! I want it!

    (The three of them go outside)

    Violette: Bill, give him the Big Mac!

    Bill: No!

    Violette: Let him have a Big Mac!

    Bill: (To William) Frickin’ jerk! You frickin’ dingbat! What the frick’s your-

    Violette: Let him eat the Big Mac!

    Bill: (To Violette) No!

    Violette: Stop! Let the kid have a lousy Big Mac!

    (William throws the box on the ground.)

    Violette: (To William) There you happy?!

    (William takes a bite of the Big Mac.)

    Violette: Come on William! (A moment of silence.) Big Macs are not healthy for you anyways! You know that I told you to cut back!
    Problem with us Americans want Big Mac? ITS NOT CHOICE, IT RIGHT

    Strange, the website is so slow due to JFF's allocation of the server power to his new Sesame Street fansite, that it is not registering the 10 billion neg on your profile. If the numbers were aligned to lag-less accuracy, one would see a nice -3,551,322 on this page. :mikebatman
    Just dropped a 10 BILLION NEG on your ass. Expect to see your rep dip into the void where SM J'man is said to reside in for every day you forget to rep me 10 BILLION as per the Canon Words of the Winds.
    Does the number 10 BILLION [rep to jesusus everyday for ten years] mean anything to you by the way? For some reason, I heard some voice of a lost gale mention 10 billion on this morning, as if it was reminding me that the number holds a great significance.:mikebatman
    This was the number of days negging will commence :horonom
    DaVizWiz banned? Again? :pepohug Should have heed the Wisdom of the Winds and repped me 10 BILLION everyday for 10 years as was promised in the prophetic winds, which have never been wrong.
    Your name sounds familiar. Da... Viz... Wiz? Why does the name ring a bell.... :exhaustedpepe

    Wait a minute? Isn't that the name of the Chosen Ambassador of the Winds that was meant to rep me one billion yesterday, today, and the remainder of the next ten years? :mikebatman
    I have finally deciphered the messages left in the audio balloon that I had recollected a few weeks prior, it was a tiring undertaking but I have finally pieced together the remains of the decoded wind sounds. Please read carefully, so that you may understand and reflect on the Wisdom of the Winds. :exhaustedpepe

    "..........................................................................................................................Da... Va... ........Wiz.......................................www......................wwww... will REP ONE BILLION TO... Nar uuuuuu...........t..........h......h.h...z...s...............toforums user @jesusus... eve....................ry day for... te..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,... n......mo....o............re... yyy....ears...................................."

    *listens to audio and clearly hears*

    “Neg Jesusus the NF user for the next 100 lives mfer”

    I will serve

    After a week of searching the wilderness, I have finally found the remains of what was the stratosphere-designated audio balloon. :exhaustedpepe

    Looks like the balloon had run out of air, and slowly descended to the ground but approximately, I wager, 25 miles from the original area of launch. Luckily the bag of sand seems to have cushioned its descent smoothly so that there is no visible damage on the device.

    Now it is time to analyze the leftover audio recordings of each day the balloon remained in flight, all this hassle just to communicate with these accursed "winds". I hope the message is worth my time. :jesuschrist
    Today I tied an audio recording device onto a balloon and added a bag of sand so it doesn't fly into low orbit. Of course as I set up my balloon in the grassy fields away from urban life, so that there was no obstruction that would interfere with my methodical means of gathering the dulcet tones of the summer breezes and decoding them into human words.

    I will be back with more updates as the balloon steadily maintains its altitude which I deduced to be within proximity to the frequent pathways of those winds.
    Have you considered using spider webbing as the balloon material? Experiments are being done now to discern whether this material can be used as a core outfit in the military industrial complex as the engineers of today chase the iron man suit of tomorrow, effectively admitting we’re still too stupid as monkeys at this point to even beat out what only a couple billion years of evolution created in a one inch arachnoid.
    I remember feeling as if something good would occur yesterday on this forum, more specifically I deduced that a user of questionable relations to the winds would graciously gift me with a forum present in the forum of reputation points.

    Unfortunately, I was wrong and was lied to, as no mysterious benefactor gave me any gift of the sort so I am going to start ignoring the winds again. :tiredpepe

    I have no idea know why I am telling you, unrelated non-benefactor with no relations to the winds, but I digress, and already typed out 3 sentences worth so I will click on the post button.
    A gale wind blew through the area. If one were to put their ear close towards the wind, one could make out a voice saying "D... A.. VII....ZZ... W... II.. ZZZ... REP JESUSUS... TODAY...." I do not know what to make of what I have heard, but it sounds like something good will happen to me today. :mikebatman
    What happened to the winds?
    They are on vacation with the Neptune ocean aliens :umarusmad
    this isn't the most cursed thing i've seen this year, but it ranks pretty high up there.
    How was the visit from the demonic triplets? I hope you were a hospitable host to your new houseguests.
    Enjoy your 666,666,666 neg drop. A group of demonic triplets will come knocking on your door tonight.
    Tell them good, I need to test out my new gun on something that can’t sue.
    On December 10, 2011, DaVizWiz registered an account on NarutoForums.org :pepohug
    So long ago, the world was so different. UFOs were still a comedy routine (and not NY Times front page reports), mobile devices were miniature and several major data providers were still unreliable, any talks of free college was only being done by the hippies, school shootings were rare, there were still a handful of rock and roll bands producing organic instrument-made matieral, China was still a punk bitch and american teens still had some semblance of an identity.
    UFOs were still a comedy routine (and not NY Times front page reports)
    Keep up the good posting! : )
    Thoughts on the Genesis 3:14 Turrin~ "I love, therefore I love J of Mann?"
    It is only natural to do so. When man opens heart to world they see Jman had the best personality and fighting style in creationgomath
    Who is that fodder in your avatar?
    Antichrist, no one knew he would look so much like Japanese comic character or hate Catholicism so much he disrespects and messes with their prayer ritual while smiling, but that’s what it turned out as

    He’s coming for you
    The winds have been silent for quite some time. Are you on vacation away from the chores of the sea-faring vessels of fisheries?
    ''You've been put to my IL''. lol, As if I care; just don't go salty in the threads and my VM about it.
    Check out the cord more often if you have the time mate, your contributions were very good :gotcha
    Translation: My Discord is on life support and I'm begging you to give it CPR
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