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  • Thank you for the +rep; I still miss my grandfather, but I no longer mourn his death, since it has been fifteen years, now.

    I haven't heard that phrase since Naruto days :giggity
    maybe because it's naruto's word and doesn't have any other meaning?
    I know, dattebayo.
    I see. Well, I had another big pimple pop. I have very bad luck with that. The last one took a while to fade. I hope this one isn't as bad. :-( How do you avoid making pimples pop? I don't even want to do it, they just kinda do for me... @__@

    That's what I thought too. Misa was a Kira fanatic. It didn't make sense to me that the last panel of a long running manga would be people not even related to any of the main characters. I mean... it'll be like an unrelated character having the last scene in a TV show that lasted 100 episodes. :ippy But I guess it makes sense overall. But it would have been a better idea if the last girl didn't look like Misa. :p

    Well, did they ever have a big event leading up to Luffy's family's debut? They kinda just revealed who his father and grandfather was in one chapter out of nowhere. lulz

    I heard silent movies scared people in the past. I wonder if it worked today. If even the scariest horror movies were put on mute, I wouldn't imagine it would be scary to me... : O

    I guess Smallville summed it up perfectly. One instance in which a TV show is truly wise. :datass
    History isn't about facts; it is about the context and who is telling the story.

    I think they'll compete for the Hokage title. It'll be Sasuke vs. Naruto but without the animosity. Was the Bolt movie any good? : O I have a feeling there will be more Naruto media in the future. There's still more questions that haven't been answered. Karin keeping someone else's umbilical cord is just... weird. One thing to keep your own but someone else's? :geg Overall, I didn't like the Gaiden but I haven't really liked the manga in a while.
    Well... did you ever learn about it in nursing school? :-( Yeah, I guess it's not a huge deal. It's still somewhat red but I guess it'll just take some time to stop being red or something? I mean, every scar fades over time, right? DX

    Yeah, apparently it's just a random girl. But it feels weird cause she looks just like Misa so you would think it was her, you know... Plus, a random person being on the last page is weird too from a storytelling POV. Yeah, I never liked part 2 as much as part 1 but I never really was able to point out why. Near/Mello wasn't as interesting so that didn't help.

    Yeah, I'm glad they didn't make Rogers Luffy's dad. That would have been too cliche and predictable. I guess there were slight hints already considering the Rougetown incident. I wonder how their first interaction is gonna be like. : O

    Man, you're worse than me. A group of people and still no sound. :lmao But without the music, things aren't even that scary. Very often it's the music and the sound effects that really get you. :I

    And not to mention, the people in power always "revise" history to what they personally prefer. Plus, we just assume everything is true but you can never be sure.

    Well, Gaiden ended. Did you like it? : O I think she and Bolt are gonna have a rivalry for the title of Hokage in the movie. He's Naruto's son. Could he be any other way? :nod

    I have no idea who Shin is... but IDC anymore. Kishi is a poor writer... :catdude
    Yeah, I think a few are gonna leave some scars... :I But I guess it's too late to worry about that now. ;___; Does it take a while for it to fade or something? It's still somewhat red. :< Yeah, I'm gonna avoid shaving in the wrong direction if possible. I mean... it's not like you can get rid of all your hair no matter what you do. :I

    I originally thought the ending was Misa at the end of the manga. Apparently, it's just a random bunch of people who miss Kira. There wasn't enough L to balance out Light. :ippy

    Did you get to the part where Luffy's father was revealed? : O

    It's not scary at all if it helps. By today's standards, most of the older horror movies are quite tame. I mean, some of the horror elements might even be a bit funny to today's viewers. lulz

    Even if you would look into it, you might not find the answers. I mean, most "answers" are probably just the best guess. I mean, how sure can we be of all the things you see in history books? : O And those are things that can be based on actual facts. This stuff is based on... well, IDK what it's based on. :lmao

    I think pairings shouldn't be taken too seriously. :iik It is true that Kishi did somewhat hint or troll that maybe Karin is Sarada's mother. I can't believe her eyes activated like that though. In the past, Sasuke's eyes activated at a moment of extreme danger. Sarada just got emotional. :haha Eh, don't count on a good explanation. Kishi's logic is pretty poor at times. :giogio

    Naruto is still Naruto. Hokage or not, the guy is still pretty close to the same prankster you saw in chapter 1. :nice
    Yeah, I really think it was mild folliculitis. I mean, with so many hair follicles, you're bound to get it sometime in your life. :iik Is shaving in the wrong direction really that risky though? DX

    I saw the ending for the anime. It's different than what happened in the manga. I do think the manga's ending was kinda poor though. Yeah, I think the main interesting dynamic was L vs. Light. After L died, there was too much Light... :geg

    I will let you know more who I like later on. It's Clorox time first. :skysun

    Uh, I have no idea. I don't watch it. I think you're still a long while away if I had to guess. :lmao But hey, you got plenty of time to catch up. I mean, OP is probably gonna be on for another decade or so. lulz

    You should. It's one of my favorite horror movies. It's only about 75 minutes long. It only covers most of the actions from the novel so it's a lot faster than the novel in terms of pacing. It does change the storyline a bit though.

    But it's strange though. How did Vlad Tepes become associated with vampires? Was his cruelty just too "inhumane" that they had to make him a monster? And if so, did he just become associated with vampires because vampires were one of the most popular movies where he was from? : O And another question... did Vlad and Dracula become associated with each other because of Stoker? So many weird questions that can't really be answered. I do know that there was a famous vampire novel called Carmilla which came out before Dracula. : O

    People take pairings very seriously on this site. :giogio I think Kishi is just trolling though. He really likes doing it for some strange reason... :I But as long as nothing states otherwise, I will just assume Sakura is the mother. But man, Sasuke is a poor father. He's a worse father than Son Goku. :vegeta Nandaime Hokage is cool though. :nice
    I think it might have been my hair follicles. Cold plus friction leads to bad things when it comes to hair follicles, right? @__@

    I only liked the beginning. Once Light joined the investigation team, it got a lot worse. It was better when Light was trying to outsmart L when he was just sitting in his room. I heard the anime is a bit different... : O

    I like Zoro. I have a feeling he might be my favorite character once I really start reading it. : O The oath he and Luffy said when he was beaten by Mihawk the first time... ;_____; And then Sanji leaving the restaurant not too much later... ;____; Have you seen her yet? She seems quite funny. She's one of those tsundere like characters in the beginning. lulz This is manga! Seeing opposite side romance is very common. :hurr

    It is a bit of a slow read. IDK if I would want to read it again... Eh, I heard a lot of people hated Reeves as Harker. I haven't seen it so I can't say. I do have to say... in my head, it's weird. Hopkins is weird too... But it's probably cause I still picture the characters from the 1931 movie as the image in my head. But I do know that 1931's movie didn't portray everyone accurately though. lulz

    I see. Well, maybe... I tend to dislike newer movies... Vlad the Impaler... : O I wonder how Vlad and Dracula became associated with each other. I wonder how Stoker thought up Dracula...

    It's still running too. Looks like it's gonna be another 10 episodes at least. I'm liking most of it. I kinda wished they just showed the 9 Konoha ninjas owning everyone but the anime team didn't want that to happen so the other ninjas have given the Konoha ninjas some real trouble.

    Part 3 started. Weird beginning so far... Kishi really likes to troll it seems... @___@
    Well, I guess it really took a toll on me this time. Dried lips. Cracked skin. Some winter itch. Regarding the pimple looking things I get on my thighs... it sometimes takes a couple of days. That's not normal, right? @__@ I thought it was possible skin ulcers but that seems way too extreme... :iik Thank goodness for spring though. :I

    Well, how do you prevent itching and stuff? I notice that when I wear many layers, it sometimes itches where the layers all overlap. Is there a way to stop that?

    Yeah, I suppose that's true. For Death Note, just remember the big picture. Trying to remember all the smaller details will drive you crazy. I mean... Death Note is literally one of the most confusing mangas I've ever read. But the manga really did go bad when L died. ;___;

    Well, it seems to be somewhat popular. Robin x Zoro, that is. I guess it's tough to say right now. I think Luffy x Hancock will happen sooner or later. But considering that it's a manga, pirate x marine could totally happen. :cat

    Yeah, it's like how the classical movies portray Dracula. On the surface and in public, Dracula is quite polite and courteous. He doesn't do anything too out of the ordinary. Well, I think it's a decent read. :quite It's a bit long though. It's up to you. I think it's definitely worth reading once. IDK if it's worth a reread though. I saw clips of that movie. Maybe I should watch it. But Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker seems really weird. :lmao Dracula Untold is a really new movie, right? What makes it unique? Oh, try out the Horror of Dracula from Hammer. That's a decent Dracula movie too. 1931 Dracula was nice too. The 1931 Spanish version was excellent too. The Spanish cast did an amazing job. :yay

    For what it's worth, I'm liking the fillers. I mean, I always felt that they should have at least shown a little bit of how the Konoha 12 save Naruto/Sasuke/Shikamaru got promoted. Animate what exactly? The rest of the manga? Definitely. It wouldn't make sense not to. Or do you mean part 3? IDK about part 3 but I would imagine they will. It's still popular so I think it's still profitable. Money is the biggest reason to keep going.
    I had some pimple looking things on my thighs after I'm out in the really cold weather sometimes. Is that normal? Usually happens when it's windy too. #__# How is the weather now? : O

    How about lower body? I mean, I've found that it's easier to keep your upper body warm. How about your lower body? >.<

    Yeah, you should check out the first episode again. I think it happens in the first 15 minutes. Her character's brother just strips her before a bath or someone. It was weird. lulz

    I honestly had no idea what was going in most of part 2. I mean, Death Note is complex. But it's too complex sometimes. If you get lost, you weren't coming back unless you reread like the last 10 chapters... @__@

    Boa Hancock seems interesting enough. It's nice to have someone be Luffy's love interest. Seems like Robin x Zoro and Nami x Sanji might happen in the end. I guess I'll just have to catch up and form my own opinion on it. :>

    Well, Bleach is much shorter. I have no idea when it's ending though. There hasn't been an announcement yet at least... It'll give me some incentive to catch up if I knew it would only last a few more months or something. :lmao

    Not really. The Dracula vampire is quite vicious. He's much smarter though and his methods tend to be on the sneaky side. And the vampires in the novel definitely kill. And yeah, Dracula tried to keep that guy a prisoner. He got away though. Mr. Harker was certainly not going to just let himself die. Gotta respect that. :catsalute

    Yeah, it's still going on and I think there's gonna be at least another 10 episodes or so. I thought it would last like 5 episodes max. But it's been almost 10 already and it doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon. I guess the anime wants to get to a certain number of episodes or they want to keep going on until part 3 can be animated. :-D

    Sure. This was later though. :catsad
    Winter has been pretty crazy lately here. So much snow over the last couple days. @__@ I'll tell you what's going. The people talking about global warming are liars. Global warming... Why did I almost slip and fall due to ice outside yesterday then? :mad Yeah, that probably works. Got any more ideas? : O

    I don't think so? It's from the show. Her very first appearance is her character's clothes being taken off. :lmao

    It was a cold series for the most part. I just think the author overdid it with the details in certain points though. There was less text in part 1. I think Light being L was a mistake for part 2. It felt weird. :ippy

    I like OP too. Anytime I pick up a random volume or a random episode, I usually like it. :lmao I think I liked Zoro the most when I was younger. I think Boa Hancock is pretty funny when it comes to her interactions with Luffy. XD And one of my favorite moments is when Zoro lost to Mihawk and vowed to Luffy he would never lose again. :catcry If it ends this year, I'm gonna catch up. : O There still doesn't appear to be a set date though. :<

    Good vampires? What story have you been reading? Even in Twilight, the vampires hunt people for food. :lmao Dracula's vampires are actually much less violent than what you see in today's media. : O

    Are you liking the current Chuunin Exam arc? I find it confusing but it feels nice to see these guys get promoted. I wonder if we'll see Neji get promoted to Jounin or not in this arc. :>
    I'm not digging this winter so far though. So cold. My thighs are suffering again. You got any advice for cold protection? #___#

    IDK her character or even her personality IRL at all. I just know how she looks like without any clothing on. It's too much to handle sometimes... :faint

    You can't just read a chapter of Death Note. If you didn't read the last one, you'll be confused. It's not something you can just pick up and read/watch. And even if you read everything, you'll still be confused. :ippy

    Well, I watched the first couple episodes so far. I like each of the 4 main characters so far. Each of them are unique and distinguishable. : O Are you still liking Bleach and One Piece? How much longer do you think Bleach will last? : O

    What about vampires? Who knows? Perhaps most zombies and vampires are already among us. Who is to say they aren't? :catblush

    Fillers can be fun though. But most fillers aren't really thought out. They're just used to fill in time. Bleach actually had one really long filler arc (Blount, I think). 50 episodes almost. The studio really put some time into coming up with that arc. :haha Yeah, I think I'll watch it subbed. :> I'm gonna watch DB. I always end up having fun watching it. And what's the point of watching anime if it's not for fun? :yay

    Sorry about really late response... I usually keep track of what I have to respond to somewhere. I'm not well organized, so... :geg
    Alright, so I guess I should try to get more sun this winter. I guess this means I should wake up earlier and go out when it's still light out.. @___@ I dislike spring due to allergies and I dislike summer due to the heat. DX

    Well, the only thing I know about GoT is Emilia Clarke. Oh dear, Emilia Clarke... :faint Yeah, the author still has two more books to write. They slowed down the newer seasons because they realized they would need to just halt production since they would probably catch up to the books too soon that way. : O

    Yeah, I think Light vs. L was far more interesting than Light vs. Mello/Near. It was also weird that Light was both L and Kira... :geg But I suppose it's a well written series. But I think convoluted plots are a bad idea for weekly manga releases. You forget one detail and things just get confusing... :I

    Alright, I guess I can consider it for the future. What about K-On? Someone keeps recommending it to me. : O

    I agree with your preference. :catblush But zombies can be fun too. Zombies are technically possible in the future. Vampires are less realistic. Most vampires have a supernatural element to them. It's possible for zombies to be pure science fiction. lulz I never saw RE. I didn't even play the games. :lmao

    IDK if I want to watch the DB anime or not. It's got a decent amount of fillers. And even if I do... sub or dub? : O First world problems though... :<
    Is it really true that people get more depressed in the winter because there's less sun? :hmm I prefer the fall. The color of the leaves. The slight wind. Halloween. :yay

    I only know about VD and GoT. I watch neither. :lmao Think GoT is worth watching though? I mean, it could be another decade before the series concludes though... @__@

    Part 1 was great. The mind games between Light and L were great. But part 2 was really convoluted. I was confused most of the time. #__# I mean, I understood the big things but I couldn't understand why they happened and there was way too much going on... @___@

    I see. Sounds alright. It's a finished series, right? It sounded like a slice of life series until you mentioned special powers and villains. :lmao

    How about zombies? What is your opinion of zombies? : O

    Yeah, that's Z (the anime called the manga volumes 17 to 42 that). Despite all the flaws, it's still my favorite series probably. lulz
    I was on the subway yesterday. That place is a cesspool of germs. :uwah I think I'm mostly OK though. My throat feels about the same but my nose doesn't run as much. I think it's quite minor. Of course, I rather not have it at all. :I How are you? Good health-wise?

    Well, that's probably the best idea. I mean, I assumed you wouldn't watch something really boring. :lmao I only watch a few things that are still airing these days. : O I usually like marathoning older decent stuff these days. You do? : O Well, you probably just remember the big details then. Well, tbph, the shows that need you to remember older stuff usually reminds you if you need to remember a certain thing. :B

    Yeah, it's got a bit of it. :> It's not really, really bad angst though. It's more like each has to do something a certain way and it ends up being misunderstood by the other. : O I've read DN. It was so confusing in part 2. I couldn't follow along sometimes. :ruri What is GetBackers? : O I never heard of that one. I guess VK is about vampires and I know Hellsing is about a vampire named Alucard. :lmao How about Dragon Ball? Did you like that? : O
    Sorry if I didn't make that clear... :I

    Yeah, my lip is almost completely healed. It's now just redder than the other areas on the lip but it's nearly there. But now my throat isn't great and my nose is running. I just can't catch a break... :catcry

    Isn't that pretty late into the manga? Like... chapter 500 or so? lulz Well, the manga is canon so I would read all of it personally. :lmao Yeah, episode 80ish. So I stopped following Bleach a long while ago. I started watching it after I watched most of Naruto and needed something else to watch. lulz

    Yeah I always marathon 24 for that reason. I need to remember what's going on in that show. :I You like reading/watching things that have already finished, right? : O It does bleed together if you marathon them since you forget what episode is about what... #__#

    It's not too long. But it's not completed though. It'll still be a while before it finishes, I think. The series is kinda angsty so if you don't like that, don't read/watch it. :I It is one of the better romance mangas I've read though... : O
    Not that. I meant that I put rubbing alcohol on my lips so it's almost certain I've allowed very tiny amounts. I'm talking micrograms. I'm fine, right? This is just me being worried over nothing, right? :lmao I think my lip is mostly healed... : O I don't think it's cold sores. Based on what I've read.... it just seems that it was way too quick to be cold sores, I think...But uh, thanks, Cecilia. I realize this wasn't exactly your idea of fun. :I

    Which arc was that? I don't mind spoilers too much... but like... don't tell me more than you have to... Like about what chapter or episode did you stop at? I think I watched Bleach when the Naruto anime was in the fillers before part 2. Wow, that was a long time ago... @__@ I think I stopped during the Bount filler arc or something? :headscrat

    But 10 years is a long time to wait for a series to finish. It's one of the reasons why I don't want to get too into One Piece right now. I don't wanna wait for a weekly release for 10 more years... :catcry It's also why I haven't watched Game of Thrones or read ASOIAF. I don't like waiting for the next series. :<

    It's a romance manga. The first season of the anime was a bit slow paced but it was a good watch overall. :skysun The two main leads are both likable. it's got a bit of angst but I think none of the characters are "bad." The two main leads just have different personalities that sometimes clash with each other's.
    Umm... swallowing a small amount of it is not a big deal, right? Being that it's on my lips, I'm sure I swallowed very small amounts. :lmao Well, thanks for the help. I imagine it's much tougher over the internet when you can't see the actual thing. :argh

    Recently? I stopped after Aizen's reveal. The Bleach anime just never appealed to me as much as the Naruto anime. But I want to finish it. It's interesting enough to keep going. I think my favorite character was Hollow Ichigo. I heard he got lamer though. :geg Well, I stopped in the middle of the Arlong arc. I think One Piece is pretty interesting though. I definitely want to get back into it. But I hear it'll be another ten years before it finishes. That's a bit too long for my liking... :D: You should check out Ao Haru Ride. The first season of the anime just ended. :yay
    Thanks for the help. I know this is slightly gross... :I

    Well, I'm not too worried about the healing part. It seems to be mostly fine now. I've used rubbing alcohol to make sure I don't get another infection when it cuts open. It dries out my lips and all but that's much more minor compared to the risk of an infection. I'm just worried if it's cold sores or not. I would be dealing with that one for life. :< Do you think it's cold sores or do you not have enough information to really give a good guess?

    I've been rereading part 1. I just finished Zabuza arc. It's been nice. :> I'm considering filling that Naruto size hole in my heart with Clorox Bleach. I need to catch up on that. I haven't watched it since about episode 75ish. I stopped reading One Piece when my Shonen Jump subscription ended. I do want to pick it up again but I don't wanna wait another decade for something to finish. It's why I haven't bothered to get into ASOIAF yet... :geg Do you Clorox? : O
    That's good to hear. :glomp

    Still aiming to be the GOAT nurse? :datass Oh, I see. Well, I'm sure it has been. : O
    Well, that's too bad. :<

    I hope you've been OK these past number of years. :hug
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