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  • Thank you, it kind of sucks at the same time because i have to finish school two weeks early
    I did tell him but he just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico and he may have forgotten. I'll remind him tonight if I see him.
    I know but i never really slept well to begin with. Have you talked to richard he hasnt gotten a hold of me yet and i think i might just call him because i really need help
    yeah i don't really get to sleep until 1 and i shouldn't be doing it because i have class next week.
    k, thanks I'll check it out asap. luckily work's picking up at Six Flags. A ton of concerts and contests on the weekends.
    hm I dunno what I'm doing. probably as many online classes as I can. boo real life people. and no.
    I am just taking online classes for summer and indeed yay for me. Do you have an account with
    summer and I have no idea what I'm taking.
    Really?!! YAY! For you!!
    Uhm....nothing really. Vaguely working at six flags whenever they deign me important enough TO work. beyond that...reading. I'm starting AVC next semester.
    Yeah I hang with him a lot. I'll ask him about it if you want. But I know what you mean. I could never hack it in the military so I'm going to have to look into other options but I know I want to Stage Tech for a living, like I was at the Batman Show. Stupid ass Six Flags taking out my show...
    I know, im going into the coast guard and finish my college with them because i cant find anything and i think it will me fun. I know Richard is going into the Air force once he is done... have you talked to Richard i emailed him the other day to ask for help on my murder book and he never replied.
    I know. Amanda wants me to move to Alaska cuz there are jobs everywhere up there. Same with my Dad up in Washington. To be honest it's really really tempting right now.
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