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Recent content by crimson_edge

  1. crimson_edge

    Narutoforums Sixth AMV Competition Thread

    That's a very good question...I wouldn't mind knowing that, myself.
  2. crimson_edge

    Narutoforums Sixth AMV Competition Thread

    Here's mine Hi all, just finished my AMV and here it is, hosted on good old AMV.org: Click Here ---------------------------- Title: Savin' Me Song: Nickelback - Savin' Me Anime: Bleach ---------------------------- I figured I'd do an IchixRuki theme for this vid, showing how they've...
  3. crimson_edge

    my new Naruto/Gaara AMV

    Hi all, just wanted to show off my new AMV that I just finished the other day. I already posted it in the Naruto Fanworks board, but I figured I'd post it here too, since I just saw the contest thread on this board. It uses the song Tomorrow by SR-71, and it features Naruto and Gaara. Crits &...
  4. crimson_edge

    Narutoforums Sixth AMV Competition Thread

    I'll join. I've already got two AMVs under my belt, and I wouldn't mind doing another. I've been meaning to do a Bleach one for a while, now.
  5. crimson_edge

    My second AMV

    Thanks! It took me forever 'cause Premiere was acting up for some odd reason, but I'm glad I finally got it done!
  6. crimson_edge

    My second AMV

    Hi all, just wanted to show off my new AMV that I just finished the other day. It uses the song Tomorrow by SR-71, and it features Naruto and Gaara. Crits & comments are welcome, but be nice! YouTube: like dis but i guess u already saw it AMV.org...
  7. crimson_edge

    how would you promote naruto??

    I say Jounin or Special Jounin, definitely. I mean, anyone who can take out an Akatsuki member--particularly one that you have to kill 3 times over in order for them to be truly dead--deserves at least Jounin rank.
  8. crimson_edge

    what promotion would you give shikamaru

    Definitely Special Jounin...he is one of the (if not THE) biggest tactical genius in Konoha. Not to mention the fact that he took out an Akatsuki member without getting even a mild injury. Even Naruto got hit once or twice against Kakuzu (more if you count the kage bunshins).
  9. crimson_edge

    How many of you will stop?

    I'll just do what I'm currently doing with Bleach--follow both the manga and the anime. I first got into Naruto through the anime and started reading the manga once I caught up to it, but I still watch the anime every week. That's what I've done with all the other anime I've watched that...
  10. crimson_edge

    Kakashi's mask

    Dude, do you have some kind of weird aversion to spaces, or what? Oh, and I'm assuming that what's under his mask is.......... wait for it............... his face. :eek
  11. crimson_edge

    Who will be their shipwright?

    I believe that it will be Franky, but I'd much rather it be Paulie...I just like him better.
  12. crimson_edge

    Wind Rasengan - When will naruto use it?

    Actually, the "primary version" of Rasengan is stronger than Chidori...at least in sheer destructive power. If you remember the rooftop fight, Sasuke was really confident because he thought he had put a bigger hole in the water tank he had hit...until he saw what Naruto's Rasengan had done to...
  13. crimson_edge

    The "Email Me When the Fillers End" Thread

    You're setting yourself up for so much spam and prank e-mails from people saying that the filler ended that it's not even funny. Oh wait...it is funny. :rotfl
  14. crimson_edge

    will we see more blood in naruto?

    While I don't particularly mind the blood level in the anime (not too much, but still enough to get the point across), I question how some scenes in part II will be handled.
  15. crimson_edge

    So when Episode 209 rolls around...

    Fixed. :P I'll probably keep watching and hoping they'll end soon, eternal optimist that I am. Why must I torture myself so? :cry
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