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  • Hey man, you were my first contact in here and one of the first people ive talked to when i joined. Thanks for everything jeremy. I am not online very often anymore. When i am, im dropping a message. Love you.
    Even now we are part of the same cosmos , bound to the same laws of nature on this little spec of dust. Sending you lots of love wherever you may be.
    :gglife I came here to laugh not to feel
    Hey Brother. Just wanted to stop by again to pay my respects. Almost time for your birthday in a little under a week. You would have been 38, so the big 4-0 is inching closer. Feels sad still, that I am now technically older than you. Hope you are still having fun, up there, amongst the cosmos. Take care, old man.
    Hey Brother, just stopping by once again to pay my respects like I do from time to time, and will continue to do so as long as NF exists. You would have turned 37 last month, getting closer to the big 4-0. I hope you are doing well amongst the cosmos. Take care and be happy up there.

    hey. it's me. you gon' done it and looked Death in the eye.

    you're christian right?

    i hope you're in heaven right now.

    i miss you.
    Much changes--much does not--after a six-year hiatus, but to learn of your passing upon first returning was both shocking and saddening. You had a wit to you balanced by joviality, yet depression often seemed a silent partner.

    You were a highlight and will always be remembered as such, Jeremy.
    Jeremy, i just randomly stumbled upon your Profile and read about what happened. I will always have fond memories of our dating threads when i first joined, theories about women and everything. Sadly theyve been deleted, but not from my heart or my mind. Those were amazing times and im happy you were there to be the first person i got to know and talk to when i didnt know anyone yet. Rest in Peace old friend.
    Dear Old Friend,

    Was thinking of you recently. And hope you are in peace.

    Take care, amigo.

    miss you old man, RIP

    the times we used to kick eachother's asses in the first naruto tourneys :cry
    RIP man.

    Your antics in the Theater and the Game Department got a few chuckles out of me before and you were overall a nice poster to have a pleasure in meeting.
    I, also, wish to present my deepest sorrow for your passing, my friend. You had a great personality, and a wonderful sense of humor, and I am certain that everyone shall miss you very much.
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