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  • I like how you haven't signed on in ages and yet you're still on my recent visitors list. ;A;
    exactly <33
    i'll just have to pester you there more often then and catch up with you there then cause i don't wanna be the cause of you having to come back here to respond to me T_T
    Sent it. um im gonna go contact her now.. msn her then email her a big tl;dr cos I think I can't procrastinate this and i don't wanna wait for her so yeah heheee thanks for the help :cool
    are you talking about the first reply you sent me? I got that one and replied.. if we're talking about that one :tomasulk
    well i think my one from the art contests ran out at the end of january, so yeah this one is from the shop prize

    oh no, just immediately request another set/different stock just to have ready :lmao
    yeah, maybe i'll get back into it because i do like making them i'm just uninspired !

    ah, i see. i wish i saw it that way but i always think of it as, yeah it's something i love to do but unfortunately i want to survive on my own and be independent and i don't really have the money to just go back to school and work fulltime. plus if there's no jobs, i feel like i've just wasted money when i've really gained knowledge.
    i wanna do something in graphics communication field/graphics designing for ads, commercials, magazines and etc

    no, spring won't come til i think middle/end of april, it always seems to snow on my birthday and that's mid-march :lmao
    you're lucky but i don't really like the heat all that much

    oh fuck that nanners, you DESERVE your prize especially if it's offered to you :ruri
    i am just not motivated to work on sets for others while they'll just go request another set from another shop the next day and change it :sag

    yeah, mostly T_T

    well at least you're getting started, is there a lot of openings for psychology there ?
    i don't even know what i'm going to do or want to do anything

    well it is sort of, we've gotten a few good blizzards but it was nothing TOO bad but the east coast of the USA is getting hit hard
    oh yes, everything but the door knob because he didn't have the right bolt/screw for it ? and a piece of glass was in my garbage disposal :uwah
    i think if i could sit at home all day, not infront of a computer, i'd probably eventually just stop posting because i had gone down to like posting 5 times a day as well
    and then just suddenly i was drawn in again but i still don't want to make people their sets :lmao

    omg, that's so exciting :distracted
    which classes are you taking ? i sometimes miss going to school

    i've been good, i just got over the flu bug and yesterday elith had gotten a migrane and was throwing up
    then our toilet was leaking, our doorknob on our bedroom door had broke, and our garbage disposal had broken
    so i had to call the maintanence crew over for a big project in my apartment :lmao
    yeah i know but i wanted to surprise you with someone else :]

    yeah, i enjoy tumblr and the people
    when i do make graphics people tend to appreciate them more but i'm slowly returning back to here i seem to go through phases
    i even shut down my shop :sag

    how're you, nanners ?
    That makes two people.

    Good night Hannah :3 Sleep well (Doesn't seem like you are though :<)
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