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  • The Age of X-Man is a lot more interesting than the disassembled arc. The team that is writing it are fans both Nate Grey and the X-Universe (and it shows thank god!). I know its a bit early but whats your thoughts?
    Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy
    I've only read the starting Alpha one-shot, haven't read the Marvelous X-Men mini that Nate is a part of.

    It's good first step so far -- but it also begs the question of, where will Legion and his multiple personalities fit into all this. Unless they are the population of the Age.
    Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy
    The 'no relationships' rule though -- I think that's far too extreme for Nate's character, especially given his background with Forge and Threnody. It's like X-Men writers read his Shaman days, but not his more formative pre-Shaman days.
    We never thought the day would come. But Cable in a fucking action film. Hell yeah!! :gar
    Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy
    I know, right. Took awhile to get there. Can't wait until seeing it in theaters.
    I've become a Katherine Kane fanboy.
    Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy
    From her Rucka series, then continued by Williams III? Yeah, she's good.

    She's currently doing alright in the current Detective Comics run, leading the other members of the Bat-family.
    it was really good, gaiman still has it

    i definitely have to read them altogether soon to get the full effect, but i can't believe i didn't see desire cat coming
    What do you mean? Disney's rebooted Star Wars? Or Episode VII specifically?
    yeah surprised they put Pelletier on a weekly, wonder how long he's gonna be involved before he gets cycled out
    YOU. Read Batman and Robin Eternal.

    Cass is back. She beats Dick without even trying. Jason holds his own against Cass under similar conditions (new 52 Jason is established as stronger than Dick fyi) but they get interrupted

    But not still not as good as writing an entry for DC comics.
    I just read number 5 if that's the latest one


    I'm always confused as to what's happening tho

    I usually like feeling like oh hey that was clever how neat
    Hey CBG, sorry to bug you but there's a poster on KMC who is curious about the interview with Mike Carey where he said that the Presence wasn't breaking the 4th wall/talking about the writers when he said he was shaped by forces external to himself. Do you have the link?
    I miss talking to you and that's on me. The last, let's see....started in Nov 2014 but wasn't too bad til Feb 2015 and then everything went on hold while I juggled hell in a handbasket but it's passed of a couple days ago. Back to regular problems to deal with. So I have to pull your skype tab and check messages and reply but know you've been in my thoughts, frequently, and I worry about you and hope for you (good things only...I don't, for example, hope you get genital warts or lose a button on your favorite vest) to be well (or improving) and I hope to talk soon with you. Until then, here is a hug for each time I though of you during this busier-than-usual time (margin of error +/- 30 hugs because our forums posting parameters will not allow me to share the amount of hugs I have to give. Our forums are cuddle-fascists)
    :hug :glomp :hug :Jet :hlomp :hug :33 :hug :Jet :Jet :Jet :hug :hug :hug :glomp :naruko :hug :hug :hug :harlita
    Hey CBC do you still pimp out the DC/Marvel Series? Would appreciate some DDL links for Batman, X-Men and Spiderman TAS's
    Is my love not enough daddy?

    No, I haven't heard of a soul that shares muh pain. And even I only every used the m-titles, so that was half the work tossed in the bin
    Past EU is still official. And part of the "Legends" universe or rather continuity now, but still OFFICIAL. Like Pre-Crisis vs Post-Crisis in DC. TOR remains to be seen since the last expansion is canon since it was authenticated by the Story Group directly and credited as such.

    Losing stuff like Plagueis novel, Bane Trilogy, and pre-modern EU Star Wars fluff still seems extreme. Mara no longer being Luke's wife is also extremely painful pill to swallow.

    On the plus side, the movie novelizations are still canon, and all further future works will be irredeemably as canon as the films and TV works according to the Story Group.
    Luke will no longer have Mara Jade, or Han and Leia's kids; Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin. Or Luke's own son, Ben. So much is lost, and Disney's track-record leaves nothing to look forward to.

    What will happen with the new EU is beyond me? But I think Alliston might have almost died now of fear that 35 years of history and lore being vanquished.

    "Its as if millions of voices suddenly shouted out, and were silenced in an instant."
    They were all pretty cool :3 of course I enjoyed kitty dream, and then there was that neat one that looked kind of like a merman guy. I liked that there were lady dreams, and there also seemed to be a dream with a technicolor rainbow coat. I did not like clown dream :(
    What about you
    Lucas is probably laughing his way to the bank. I'm near the breaking point.

    Shitting on 35 years of continuity, lore, and history that makes part up of my identity and impact as a fan goes too far. Heir to the Empire, the New Jedi Order, Dawn of the Jedi, Empire, Rebellion, Knights of the Old Republic, The Old Republic, Legacy, The Hand of Thrawn, its all gone.

    Sure it wasn't perfect. Sure there were blemishes, some contradictions and inconsistencies, but no massive franchise is perfectly maintained 100% of the time.

    A world where Thrawn and the Rogue/Wraith Squadron books don't exist in the official canon, which Lucas so often "borrowed" from, is horrifying. I imagine for you as well, this is painful experience.
    So apparently Disney totally castrated the Story Group for Star Wars and did what everyone saw from a mile away: Kennedy not giving any damn about EU and axing it.

    And supposedly even pre-RoTJ EU is now in question.
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