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  • Why would you break it? :S That means you can't sell it or give it to someone else.

    If I don't like something I don't tend to just destroy it. XD
    I'm saying that if you do decide to PM me about it, I might have to share it with staff - depending of course on whether there's something in there we should act on. Suffice to say I can't tell what that may be, but you might be able to tell. But it is also in the past, so I don't think we'll act on it anyhow when it's so long ago - unless of course there is something truly incriminating about staff involvement. If it's something that involves a staff-member which you would like to keep confidentially with someone, you should PM a mod who you can trust.
    No, I think we've settled the fact about H&L and negs. If you want to give me the backstory of your section, then okay, but unless you're filing a complaint I don't see the point in telling me about it. I don't like keeping secrets from staff.
    I take the forums seriously when I have to moderate. I need to keep you guys in line you know. The first rule is to be nice, and I've got to enforce that with a serious face when it happens. But that doesn't mean a cop can't have a relaxed outlook on life.

    I would not be the only one who would know about it. It's still slander because you made a baseless accusation. I was at class and could not know what was going on. As for whether you deserved being negged - well yeah, you claimed you created H&L, and that makes it look like it's all your work, which it isn't, not by far, and you clearly see now that you are the one with the narrow-minded point of view since oh so many others have backed up my side of the story.

    Now as for whether I communicate with these people on a regular basis, it has nothing to do with it. They wouldn't have negged you unless you were doing something they thought was neg-worthy. You are wholly responsible for being negged when you engage in negging yourself. End of story. Read our rules about rep to confirm this, and check with a mod.

    You did not play a big role in it. I know because you never lobbied for it when the idea was first prompted nor when I ran a survey for it, and you picked the topic for your temp-section out of desperation since all your other attempts at running the sub-forum were going to hell - it was largely Mider T's doing that you found out about it, you know. Again, you made a lot of blenderites your enemies and that's the misfortune of your section. You might have had staff on your side if you hadn't been giving the blenderites valid reasons to bring that temp-section down with spam and so on. And nobody liked how you won the competition either. Lots of disagreements went around that, but we accepted it and you ran the section. The result was that the displeased people derailed it. That's what happened - and then you got banned, so your temp-section had no mod, and we took action to prevent it from becoming a second blender.

    Bottom line: Your choice to neg was stupid. You know the risks of negging and you chose to do it, and then you come and complain to me about being negged back, but since I've had nothing to do with it, you're complaining about spoiled milk. It's your own fault. Why can't you accept that? What goes around comes around. You have no privilege to not be negged. You may delete this post if you want to since it's freaking huge, but under no circumstances may you ever ever fucking ever tell me that you did not deserve to be negged. I might have deserved to be negged, but then so sure as hell you deserved to be negged too. This forum just happens to respond in its own image of justice.
    I don't need a diatribe to tell when a person's made a tasteless remark about a disparaged race. But by all means, go ahead and resend the PM. I've taken you off ignore for the time being.
    I'd just like to point out that I did not neg you over your little disagreement with Merlin. You made a post in ridiculously bad taste, and I negged you for it.
    Sure, you can do that. But why did you have to neg me? Dude, not cool. You like to say a lot of moral things, but when was the last time I negged you? Seriously, when was that? It was ages back. I've almost stopped negging people completely unless it's for jokes and they are in on it. Also, it's still slander to say I'm responsible for this. I was off to classes for the past few hours, so I'm just trying to piece together what's happened.

    Taking what seriously? Can you point me to what post that was about?

    How come you get negged? I have tried to tell you this before, and so have other mods. You have made a lot of enemies both amongst blenderites and staff. Those groups have lots of rep, you know. It's a conflict of your interests to be so principal about manners if you choose to fight back against people who outnumber you and overpower you in terms of rep. I'm not saying you can't rep, but you can't rep and at the same time expect people to take it lightly. Especially if they take rep as seriously.
    I did not ask anyone to neg you - that is a lie and in fact, slander. If they negged you against the rules you should take it up with staff. The reason I'm not responding to the rest is because I already told you that if you have an issue with my mod-duties, you can take it up with a third party. You disagreeing with me on who made H&L doesn't bother me that much. I corrected you because I think it was Vervex and Curry who made the section. So what if you disagree, it's only the internet.
    Cirus, if you wanted my recognition for the H&L-section you would have been better off without negging me whenever we discuss subjects pertaining to it. You can't preach that I'm "narrow-minded" when you do that - it looks hypocritical. If you feel like you deserve credit for this, take it up with somebody in the staff, since I'm obviously too biased.
    Just out of curiousity, does your sig mean your in some American Armed Forces?
    Computers like to break when I let other people touch them. It's annoying. Dx

    I have so much to catch up on, 'specially anime-wise. o.o
    I've been doing somewhat well. My access to a computer has been virtually non-existant over the last year lol which sort of sucked.

    How've you been?
    Hi Cirus, are you a lawyer?
    And you won the 'Most Helpful Member' award.
    i did ask for two people to vote for you and they did. idk who else I could just ask and know they would to it for me for sure though.
    cirus i want you to win you bastard. go find more people to vote for you.
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