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  • Haha well I suppose that could be true too! :lmao Yeah, a lot of things people want to do are full of obstacles to overcome like that, I suppose it shows your dedication to what you want to do.

    It is portrayed that way in the media over here but I agree, the same situation can happen anywhere in the World, kind of sad the way money is so important.

    I'm sure you'll be great at it too. :3 Oh what does applied informatics in economics entail? I've gotta say, I was never an economics fan in college. :lmao

    That's pretty cool, not many people can sing, like actually sing so you should be proud of that. Ahh right yeah, which was your favourite? Or were they too different to really compare?
    Ahh yeah, seems like you've got to be committed to that sort of thing, good that you've got the determination to carry on with it though, a lot of people would just stop after a few mistakes.

    Oh so you're just really motivated then, that's good. Hmm yeah that makes sense, is Russia a hard place to live then? I don't really know a great deal about it. So you're making foreign languages into a career? You'll be able to travel a lot. :wtf

    Ahh thanks then :3

    You can sing too? :faint Wow, where are the places you've visited then? Must be exciting to see so many new places.

    Oh that's a lovely name, nice to meet you Alexandra, I'm Dean. :3
    Haha awesome then, glad we agree. :del

    Ah of course, still though, such a variety of languages and they're not easy ones to learn (from what I've been told). And German too? :faint are you some kind of genius/robot? :lmao

    What does that mean? :eek:

    Ah so you're better at writing the languages than speaking them? I can imagine that, not like you can practice speaking them as often as you could reading/writing them. Ah thanks Cannah <3 Is that your name btw?
    Oh me too! Haven't met anyone who's liked it as much as me before. :3

    Oh those are some great powers, especially the enthusiasm part, that's always a favourite of mine. And you can speak them both along with Russian? That's insanely impressive. :eek:

    Yeah it is, we're only in the starting stages but after playing a few headliner shows we're prepared to play on stage earlier than most. There's 3 of us at the moment.
    Oh you like Gintama too? Awesome. :datass

    Ahh right, and what powers would these be then? :hmm

    Well I've been good thanks, had a band and we broke up but now I'm starting a new one and things are going very well. :3
    Yeah of course I do, you welcomed me in my intro thread, that was... 3 years ago now though, a lot's changed. :lmao

    How've you been?
    That's awesome!
    I would love to learn Japanese, maybe i'll take some lessons when I'm older
    Nope I didn't see it, i'll go and check it out!
    i think i'll get used to it haha!
    yeah same here, i know a few words japanese and i just suck at german, so english is my best option (:
    oh haha alright thanks, first i felt stupid for asking so i was searching everywhere and thinking of what it could be but i couldnt come up with something so decided to ask it haha :3
    thanks for your welcome haha!
    uh.. this might sound stupid but what's ''sth'' stand for?
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