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  • whats your reaction harribel never showed up during the final arc
    Biggest disappointment ever pretty much. All that wait only to get... literally nothing. I was more sad about this than the fact Bleach was over or that the whole ending felt rushed etc. Why the curiosity?
    I saw your name in a threas and remembered you like harribel
    I see. :doge
    I see that you are very fond of Harribel; I do believe that she is an interesting character, but Kubo has not given her sufficient screentime or character development. Do you believe that she will have any significant role in the current arc, or is it too late for her, now?
    Everyone who reads it loves it. It's just a matter of getting that first part to happen :pek
    Good. It's bizarre seeing anything else.

    By the way, have you heard of a manga called Eyeshield 21? You should read it :maybe
    Yea, you're right. I am happy we at least got to learn Robert's name and saw a few nicely drawn panels of him. Indeed, I would have definitely liked to know what his letter did.

    Honestly, I agree with you. It did feel like a cheap way to get rid of the SR.
    Man, the back-and-forth stomps just don't seem to want to stop.

    I wanted to see more of Nanana and his abilities.

    Indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed this latest chapter. Ichibei was impressive, and I was very pleased that Kubo yet again masterfully placed another beautiful mythological reference in Bleach. It was great to see Ichibei as the buddha and Bach as the monkey king. Ichibei's tengu-level speed was also great. I just love Ichibei's personality in general. He's got that jolly, cheeky attitude that turns demonic and frightening in an instant. Lovely.

    Goodness, I hope Kubo treats all the RG well because I really would like to see a lot of great stuff from them since he worked so hard on them and they each have their own special potential.

    Heheh, after Nimaiya got injured, I was sitting there thinking about how he'd be healed. I wonder if Kirinji will show off more of his healing abilities.
    Wow, this elite SR stuff is crazy. What do you think about this new development? I miss Robert....:cry

    Heh, I cannot wait to see Ichibei in action. Holy shit there is so much potential for epic.
    It sure has been.

    Yea, it was enjoyable to see Nimaiya in action, but I heartily agree with you about the SR stomp. I was troubled by the way they were treated in that chapter...... especially Pernida. I hope they get back up....

    Indeed. Many have been getting wasted. I wish Kubo would have delved more deeply into a few of them.

    I hope Askin will pull something awesome. Nimaiya was definitely affected by whatever Askin was doing, especially since the sound effect for that panel of him showed that he was shaking violently. Very interesting, to say the least.

    Heh, I like Askin quite a bit.

    I've been doing well. :)
    I hope you have been doing well, too.

    Ah, thank you for the rep. I appreciate it. :)
    Hey, honorable Camo. Did you enjoy the latest Bleach chapter?

    I'm eager to see what's going to happen with Nimaiya.
    You did say you were going to do it, but you never did.

    I just went ahead and posted it so that it is posted while the character is still relevant.

    I took no credit for your work I simply nominated it.

    I don't really see why you are upset? :huh
    Oh, putting me on the spot :maybe

    Don't really know. I like most of the Espada, her included, but I don't really have a ranking.
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