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  • i FUCKING KNOW how you're feeling TJ.

    It's affecting me too! My exams are exactly a month a way and i just cant sit down to study :D:
    how've the past few days been for you?

    i finally got myself to a concert, although i had to drive 7 hours for it. it was a pretty amazing experience anyway. drunk girls dancing is always fun too...well, except for when their breath stinks.

    adding monsieur before my name makes it seem like i'm a gentleman. :3
    I wanna do something similar if possible. I used to edit my images online and thats really limited. Theres only so many options available online.

    They were always high school teens though. Teenagers with attitude. That was the guidelines for finding the first power rangers. XD I was a big fan tbph.

    Sure, why not? They have pop culture classes now. Its not out of the question. It'll be more like current events, I guess. I don't think I've heard of that one. Is it relatively new?
    :hehee the joy of no school how I love it, tej you got to hang on a lil longer :datass just 3 months or so

    :rotfl hahahahaha tej
    Yeah, paint uses a different file type than most other stuff. If you change it to a jpg, it screws up the quality, I think. You might be better stuff with an online one if you can find one.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. XD

    I should like... read a history book on popular music or something. It would make me actually know the references when I hear them. XD Well, I need something new too. I'm not sure what to use though. I used Norton before I liked it. That was a long while ago though. I'm not sure if its still considered good or not.

    Oh, I didn't mean it like that. It just so happened that a few days ago was the first time I ever brought Indian food and I was telling a whole bunch of people about it. You just happened to be one of the 3 or 4 people I told. DX I'm very random. XD
    :ano I can only hope for you tej :ano hope is all I have, in news though lakers have already secured a place in the playoffs

    :lmao fair enough, I know my fair share of info about both to be hounest :quite.
    Tej :C so let me get things straight okay?, you havent played bball in years :scry and dont know what #1legend is doing :scry, :C he is with the bobcats, :pek next youll say who are they :hmpf

    :wtf you dont sound in agreement
    Well, hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? Its easy stuff to make. XD I used a request shop. Find youtube video and request away. Thats the secret to it. Either that or you gotta be really good with google search, I guess. lulz

    Hey I'm random too. Some people don't even understand me at times cause I like a lot of obscure stuff that no one else does. Like MMPR. XD

    It was something regarding the Rodney King trail. I remember that was mentioned in a NWA song and I kept thinking of one of their songs. lulz I don't keep up with music so I'm even close. I didn't even know who the Jonas Brothers are when they were big. XD Oh, I see. I had one too. It was a bit of a pain to get rid of. AVG Free isn't that good, I think. :/

    EDIT : Finally listening to Ludacris. XD
    Oh, I had some Indian food yesterday. That was pretty good. lulz
    go for it, sounds like it'd be fun. :]

    hah, ironically, a bunch of other guys (and i) played with some random girl and cooperated fairly well recently. only problem was her talking about her make-up and shit lol. sounded like a troll to me.

    start by addressing me properly. :quite
    good :C another sentance and I would have been freaked out aswell


    :wth wtf tej

    he is just the only 2nd best raper of all time :pek
    Oh, I see. I used to do that. lulz Its still stock, I guess. If you do something to it, I guess its stock. I mean, theres probably a whole bunch of avatars in the giveaways that do that. I mean, why not? I used to just google images to use as avatars. XD

    Random TJ is random. lulz

    Do it some other day! :mad I think I'll check out NWA today. I read something in class today that reminded me of them. :lmao
    lol you've got a pretty adventurous friend there :lmao how does she plan on making such costumes? would be awesome to see, tbh.

    haha that sucks. hopefully you found some mature gamers eventually...lol who am i kidding

    people take it a bit too literally methinks. i use it somewhat frequently.
    You know what :hmpf

    that is very sad indeed tej :hehee I would probs laugh no offense

    :pimp well you know....haha enough braging from me, its life after all it aint meant to be easy :pimp

    right now listening to some B.I.G :uwah
    hf bsdhfdbfhb tejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj :C

    Could be :hehee yes you have to :LOS seein tej kick some ass

    Its not as bad :hehee, yeah 2 days off a week :quite it aint 2 bad, also when im workin weekends it will give me a chance to do some thing during the weekday I have off :LOS
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