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  • Omaeda fan ? Really ?
    Well he IS the strongest Bleach character after all. :kizarubatman
    I believe he helped soi fon quit a lot against Espada number 2. But that bitch doesn't know how to say thanks
    Well the doggo captain is far better that's for sure
    ...Why is live action Mr. Mine your avatar...
    I was cursed with a terrible fate. I stared into the eyes of despair, and now I am forced to bare this burden by being it.
    Are u reading anything apart from bleach?
    Boku no hero academia, Magi, OPM, Fairy Tail, NNT, One Piece, etc.
    Oh I see good choice, U have more than enough manga to keep yourself entertained now that bleach is gone. :catsalute
    BTW have U read any of the non mainstream manga, for example kingdom
    Yeah, I read Kingdom for a bit, but then I just stopped reading it because I had a lot of shit to do, and I just haven't caught up since then. I can't remember the names of the guys, but I stopped around when a civil war was happening with the princes mom.

    I've read a few non mainstream mangas, like Psyren, Eyeshield, etc. but they are normally fairly short and are completed, so I've finished them.
    so who do you think is the strongest Elite? :maybe

    I understand why everyone thinks Gerard, but im way too biased to not think Askin. :maybe

    I dont think Gerard or Askin are too bad of guys i hope they get to live. :cry

    Also hope Lille and Pernida (who i hope isnt dead) get backstories. Why does Lille think being the newest SR make him the best?
    I was responsible for almost shitting myself when I saw Szayel this chap holy fucking shit :lmao
    Akon is fucking awesome :cry

    I so badly want to have an Akon vs Shaz rematch.

    Watch him also have Bankai :gar
    I still want it to be haschs maid bitch :maybe

    she did have black sclera like the SK. :zaru
    Kinda boring but im glad Mayuri isnt winning :lmao
    I almost thought he meant Kenpachi was absorbed into Pernida i woulda shit bricks :skully
    Love and Shinji yeah.
    Im holding out a hope that they get a win or aren't trolled with their Bankai reveal... :geg
    depending on what Pernidas backstory is, if its sympathetic, it should live.
    Askin definitely. Gerard seems not super malicious so him surviving i can see. Haschwalth I hope too, and Bazz-B.. :cry :cry

    Lille is a cold sniper I don't see him living :lmao

    Ichigo..hmm maybe. I think Ichigo is gonna fight Uryu, Hasch and Yhwach so idk about an Elite, too.

    Chad and Ganju would be awesome to fight Gerard :lmao but powerscaling would be FUCKED. :rotfl do it Kubo :gar

    But seriously I see maybe Shunsui fighting him; whatever hax The Miracle is VS Shunsuis hax games and Bankai.

    I just don't see why people think Haschwalth and Shunsui are gonna fight; Haschwalth is leagues above him.

    Ukitake and maybe Shinji would be fun matchups against Lille :zaru
    Askin is one of the SR that has never dissapointed me :lmao
    im just worried Lille is gonna go down to Byakuya :geg
    and i hope Kenpachi stays down... i dont wanna see him have a boring fight against Gerard or comeback against Pernida.

    Also i really hope the Elites get backstory...Askins charismatic and important enough that I think he will, and Pernida should obviously aswell.

    Id like to think there'll be some cool Nordic shit Kubo will do with Gerard, and something with Lille..
    honestly the zombie fights, Mask fight, and Gremmy fights could have been reduced a few chapters to give a few more Ritters some screentime and I'd be ok.

    >Give Berenice, Shaz, Jerome at least a Nianzol length fight
    >Let BG9 and Cang Du fight in VS, and lose to Isshin/Yoruichi
    >reveal BG9s letter and use it in a battle
    >Give Robert one final 1v1 fight and letter ability usage (maybe backstory)
    >Everyone should show Vollstandig too (Arrancars did good with this i think only Menoly and Diroy never showed Ressureccion)
    >not as big, but it would have been nice for Liltotto and Meninas to have their own 1 v1 fights
    Yeah or have like ABCDEFGHIJKLM be the Captain and above level Sternritter, and the rest NOPQRSTUVWXYZ be VC or so level, maybe having each be a subordinate to the higher tiers.
    Imagine that, the SR who got embarrassed the most in series got one of the most badass roles and decently developed. :lmao
    I dont get the Stigma/Sigma thing tho...

    Honestly Kubo should have only made 13 real Sternritter, and a large number of weaker fakes made by Gremmy to fight the lesser characters. So he can develop the more important ones and the rest we establish arent very important so we know not to get our hopes up. :geg
    Jugram, Pernida, Askin, Bazz, Lille, Gerard, Gremmy, As Nodt, Bambietta, Robert, BG9, Cang Du, and Royd.
    Yeah check out the 13 Blades thread in the SL, I posted the translation I found on BA.

    I wonder what kind of weapon Berenice uses...and how the Question works in combat... ugh. hoping the anime will show us...
    Hey man, did u get a chance to read the chapter or w/e of the novel on Shaz? :maybe

    Actually pretty fucking badass. His story, character, power, and motivation is pretty top notch compared to many a Sternritter. :lmao It also leaves it open for him to still be alive too. tho if not theres always the anime. :zaru

    Also still think Berenice had a bitchin design and both were wasted. would much more have enjoyed reading fights with them then Pepe or Nianzol :lmao
    Sorry about the late response.

    The character is Akabayashi from Narita's Durarara. So I guess you're right in a way.
    this chapter was fucking excellent.
    Although poor Gigi :cry RIP

    I hope Pernida tears Fagpachi a new asshole :winny
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