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  • I had a dream about hot air balloons literally three or four days ago and BOOM, you’re back!
    I don't want to be a super person :( Drinking is fun until you're so drunk you volunteer to buy everyone drinks >_< lmao, I did that in Vegas a lot.. very bad idea, especially in tourist cities where alcohol and liquor are double the amount they're charged. Cream soda tasting vodka sounds gross and exquisite at the same time lmao. Lemonade flavoured anything is amazing, what's in it, just lemonade :awesome -_- Rain makes me sleepy. They should just pay me to sleep on rainy dreary days lol. Oh damn, it's almost summer now ;A;
    I know what you mean. When I hang out and people ask me what I do for a living, I give them a really long stare and then think about whether or not I want to be a smart ass about what I'm about to say. Then I think about nothing and just continue to stare until they get awkward and change the subject. ~-~ Yeah, the whole growing up thing is alright, I guess. I don't like it, but I don't hate it either -_-
    I just got back from a long vacation. I told my mom I never want to work anymore lmao :lmao it's depressing.

    you feel my pain Deano :sniff i hate being bored ;___;

    the Uchiha familia drama is bringing me a headaches :scry kishi u troll stahp plz stahhhhhp

    yay that's great you had fun :iria i was thinking to visit Armenia for two weeks,i miss my friends and relatives,but my bosses need me here since they will go to vacation soon and they leave me on me :(
    Putting eye of the tiger and doing push ups as we speak. /jk I can barely do three of those :catcry

    Oh Toriko, it's about food so it gets bonus points. I think I read one chapter and didn't continue it for some reason.

    I am fine, changing majors and studying for another entrance exam but I'll tell you about it in detail on skype. I'll send you a message tomorrow so we can continue things there.

    Oooh nice, my phone completely fucking died on me so I'm getting a new one too. Which one did you get?
    oh you :LOS

    some days its busy but some days it's very boring :( I love active work,if it's slow then i'm getting sick ;___;

    well seems he started explaining things,but anyway his writing sucks :tomasulk how have you been bonbon?
    Did you name at least one on me :iria

    Btw you decided to come back exactly when the forum is dying :lmao
    That's not a very fun thing to do considering I don't lead a particularly exciting life!

    How have you been? We should move onto skype some time when you can and have a proper convo
    lets wait and see then :LOS

    im a head of department of human resources :3 ahahaha no i have no stories :lmao that meme shitstorm was epic tbh

    i was excited,but kishit ruined things omfg :stfu
    A little bit. Actually, children are taller than me these days and that's the sad part lmao! That's good to hear. I think I've done so much drinking this year, it's not even funny. I don't fall into the category of "peer pressure," but more of, "feeling bad." Especially when friends look at you with their puppy dog eyes gleaming at me with a, "Oh, I guess that's ok." I stopped drinking from ages 22-25, not too bad. But I definitely think I know why I stopped. I get so sluggish afterward lmao, although my memory is amazing when drinking, which most people find to be insane. That awesome! Rain is meh. I love it, but I also hate it, if there's too much. And I especially dislike rain on the weekends when I have plans to be outside. The way you say English rain reminds me of Seattle's weather lol.

    I've been good, working like always. It's been crazy busy and I feel like I always do way too much for what it's worth. But I guess that's the deal with being an adult. You're married to something else for about 8 hours a day. 7 days. A week. ._. I don't wanna be an adult. I need an adult to do these things for me.. lol, how about you? You're probably much more of a mature adult than I am. Surely you've got this whole growing up thing figured out lol.

    I'm sensing tl;drs a'comin :O
    Oh god, I didn't come to NF in forever. How did we awake from the inactivity grave at the same time? :uwah:
    yeah probably it's a fate :hurr

    omg glad to hear that :iria i've been alright,im still in russia working :ruri i want to go back to motherland but i still need to work till the end of summer,then we'll see how things will go

    do you read nardo new gen manga? omfg i got back to nf to complain about it :mad
    I know, I can't believe how fast time passes! Even Naruto has ended (although I still haven't read the last ~200 chapters so I need to catch up with that one day).

    What have you been up to? If everything goes as planned, then I will finally be done with school in about 2 more weeks :iria

    Indeed :sniff I heard he was going to write more novels with Lyra as an adult, maybe they will get to meet again one day. (Although apparently he said that in 2007, so it doesn't seem too likely).
    lol I haven't used any. I've done a lot of growing up. jk I just don't remember which is which and I've been on nf from my phone majority of the time lol. How've ya been Mr. Bankmoneybags? Haven't talked to you in a while. How's the weather from your neck of the woods? (you know you're old when you start asking about the weather.. >_>)
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