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  • Yes, thank you very much; I actually am not fond of Valentine's Day, and I spent it working, but I shall certainly not prevent anyone else from celebrating that holiday.
    I would prefer to not reveal my real name, to maintain my anonymity online, but I can reveal that it begins with the letter "J," which is why that letter is in my username.

    I am doing very well, currently. I am still searching for a new job, but I believe that I am drawing closer to finally obtaining one, as I have been receiving telephone calls and e-mail messages. It is now only a matter of time, in my mind.
    I am sorry for failing to respond to your message, but I have been very busy all day; first, I had class, then I needed to bring my car to a mechanic for repairs, and then I went out with my friends, so only now do I have a moment to respond to you.

    Yes, I am also a great fan of the Digimon franchise, and have been following it since it first came to the United States, although I recently have re-watched all the earlier seasons in their original Japanese language and also watched Savers when it premiered in Japan and currently am following Xros Wars.

    I also thank you very much for saying that you feel that you can "have an intelligent conversation with [me]," as I do give a great and deliberate effort to always speak in an intelligent manner when I post online, to balance the great number of users on the itnernet who seem to not do so.
    So, you are new to this forum? If so, I extend you my warmest welcome, and hope that you find your time as a member here to be most enjoyable.
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