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  • Merry Christmas. :santahurr
    Pets are companions not friends :hmpf

    Sounds awesome, did it have wifi? :maybe
    What PC isn't loaded with junk :zaru

    Any future plans? :hurr
    She's a pet not a friend :hurr Plus I've been hurt by friends more than any venomous critter can :maybe

    Cause that's how it's in bulgarian :lmao Иван = Ivan :awesome

    Oh can you explain more :hmm

    How old is yours? :smoke
    Not my fault that she tries to attack me each time I open the container :ano
    Eeeeevaaaan :rotfl

    Oh did you catch and eat any squirrels :wtf Well my PC broke down and I got it repaired :zaru Now it works more than fine :nod
    Yeah that's my cnetipede nest to a mealworm :lmao Oh thanks :ano Most don't pronounce it right though :hehee
    Yup though the legs are bright red so they are easier to spot :nod Sam, James, Patrick, Steven, William, Sam, Nic, Samuel, Johnatan etc :WOW
    Depends on the species, basically each segment has a pair of legs :edu Better than a wasp sting :maybe
    How many legs are too many actually :hehee A bite from a tarantula is no worse than a bee sting :hurr But yeah I didn't handle mine too much as well :lmao
    I had a small female Brachypelma smithi as a kid :nod But she was extremely aggresive and sparayed me several times with those nasty hairs :lmao Good thing that I had glasses on or it might have gone into my eyes :hehee Now I'm happy with a nice scolopendra and maybe getting a scoprion soon :iria
    As far as I know they are pretty aggressive so handling her might not be wise :hmm
    I asked a mod to close my shop 3 years ago coz i was too busy irl.
    now i'm free but i'm not in the mood to run a shop. one or two requests in a while won't hurt though. so yeah you can ask for a set here.
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