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  • I've been ok. just trying to keep keeping on lol.

    I saw something about casting for a live action movie, but I'm always nervous about such things lol. "some things should just stay animated" I ususally say, but the casting for it looked pretty good, I admit.
    Bart, I can't believe I never noticed something...

    Jim x Nadia was the original plan. I mean, at the end of the first movie (there was no reason to believe there would be a sequel at that time), Jim was camming with Nadia with Michelle nowhere to be seen. So Michelle was basically plot device in the first movie. :I
    Please, you won't even be the fastest man dead. :byastars

    I caught something on the subway last week. The place is a cesspool.of germs and bacteria... @__@ I'm nearly healed though. :> What do you plan on doing for the weekend then, Mr. Allen? :catblush They don't tip well over there? Huh, that's surprising. Maybe high tips is an American thing. Many people tip closer to 20 percent than 15 percent these days from what I understand. :hmm So you actually get tipped simply for opening a bottle? Man, that's an easy job. :I

    I've been alright. I'm gonna get a move on soon with the job thing. How have you been keeping? :yay
    You are a fraud, aren't you? :catflip

    I haven't gotten one yet. I haven't been in the best health in a while. I will find one soon though. I kinda have to. #___# How much more you got left, Bart? : O Is bar work fun btw? : O Don't most bartenders make quite a bit in tips? I don't drink so I wouldn't know about it firsthand. I mean... you have to tip for them opening the bottle...? >.<
    Well, the ultimate big bad of the manga. The goddess of chakra, the mother of The Sage of the Sitxh Path. Otsutsuki Kaguya.
    She was the first Byakugan user. The Hyuugas are, like the Uchiha, linked to Kaguya. Kaguya had 2 sons. Rikudou Sennin/Hagomoro and Hamura. Hamura is a Byakugan user and the direct ancestor of the Hyuugas.
    The big bad of the movie is Toneri Otsutsuki, a descendant of Hamura who wants to Hinata as a wife to create a strong bloodline of Byakugan users. That and NaruHina happened, mixing the Uzumaki bloodline with the Hyuugas. Uchiha = Shit, we won !
    It took you almost 2 months. The Flash needs only 2 seconds to eat dinner. :ippy

    Not yet... :< But hopefully soon enough. What do you work as, Mr. Allen? : P
    Dude, you got to see this. The final villain of the canon movie Kishimoto writes Is a Byakugan user and Hanabi gets kidnapped ! Naruto go on a rescue mission ! Hyuga Arc !
    Man... fastest man alive, my ass. :angry

    Not too bad. Looking for some work. :I How are you? :cat
    All my feels, it feels like I barely have a personal life at the minute

    all my hugs for barticus!!

    I just got a full time job Bart, I'm feeling tired and fantastic :ryoma
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