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  • oh lol. Too many were depressing. "Hi guys, I can't wait to join." In swoops T-Pein. Then quotes like "you'll be gone in 10 min." Or "HOPA jailbait!" :wth she was 12 =_______=
    I used to know you, at least as far as I know searching through some of my old convo's in several threads. So I figured, why not? :edu
    Well, make sure you watch the last episode and join the Lovely Complex FC. :iria (Just click my sig. <3)
    Teehee, thank you for your awesome rep and message. Well, I don't know anyone else on NF who has Lovely Complex sets to begin with. Chances are, you're right that it's me. ;33

    / pompous
    Gossip Girl is surprisingly good, you should definitely check it out! Everyone I know who has given it a shot has loved it :love
    She's Blair from Gossip Girl, The actress is called Leighton Meester and she's been in other shows like House and Entourage :awesome
    oh it's from an anime called Kannagi. A rumor started that these two guys (Jin and Daitetsu) were gay (which isn't true) so an actual gay guy gave Daitetsu a love letter before Daitetsu knew about the rumor. :lmao
    Its one of my old sets from back during my first year on NF and one of the first I photoshopped.

    Its the lead singer of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and its combining the dual album art from Stadium Arcadium.
    Well I don't actually know any of the members on here that are from Toronto all that well.
    Yeah I've seen a couple other people on this board from Toronto also. Yep, it's not shocking because it's a huge city so of course there will be a few members here that are from Toronto.
    I dunno. XD I guess I had just forgotten about you after that topic until you mentioned it just now.

    I haven't been on here for ages, and then they have profile comment pages? Wow. XD
    Nope, it's not Runescape. I don't think it's a well-known game so, you'll probably not have played it.
    I dunno... I just thought I saw your name when I was playing an online MMORPG in early 2004. Oh well, maybe it was just my imagination or it could be one of those many other 'Barinax's out there. :p
    I think she was supposed to be a bit over dramatic yeah xD

    My favourite episode so far was the next one I think. When his old friend from school turns out to be a swindler.
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