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  • Hey Axiom,

    Thanks for your interest in my match! I've responded to your questions/concerns here, please check it out if you get a chance.
    Haha. It's only worthy of praise if you're a Pokemon fan and maybe not even that. "Zorp" is the sound Pikachu makes when he does Quick Attack in Super Smash Brothers, according to my friend who just...sorta...assigns words to sounds. I like Pikachu and the way the word "zorp" sounds, so viola. Creativity at its finest.
    Ahh! my bed sorry for being rude :zaru

    I know that man, happened to me once lol, no probs at all.....

    Shit ...neg rep...:giogio

    2 days? I've been really busy with work as of late man;can you give me until Friday? If I don't post anything then, just tell the judges to DQ me. Cheers.
    I think at first I felt FairyTailisBack's response was somehow implying that Hidan's win was merely circumstantial and that they were actually on the on relatively equal grounds, and that you were agreeing with that, but it seems we're actually on the same page that Hidan was Asuma's superior. So it was probably just an initial lack of clarity in my response. :laugh
    You're actually a good poster, so I'll actually take you seriously unlike a certain someone. :33

    "Shikamaru's conclusion that Kagenui was useless was based off of the fact that Hidan was immortal. Pretty sure he ended up using it against Hidan anyway. And he also managed to pull Hidan out of the circle so clearly Hidan couldn't just laugh off his shadow techniques.

    Anyway, the entire basis for Asuma's statement of Hidan's superiority was immortality. All he had seen of Hidan was one weapon deflection and the fact that he was immortal. If you take away Hidan's curse, I repeat, the gap is negligible. They're close in Taijutsu and Weapons skill, as indicated by the DB and what little time they spent actually fighting. Hidan tricked him and drew some blood that Asuma didn't give two shits about. Without that, it otherwise would have been fairly even."

    Once again, Hidan's ritual is part of what makes him Hidan. "What if" scenarios subtracting a character's abilities are irrelevant to their actual levels of strength. Shikamaru's statement, which wasn't that Kagenui was useless but rather that Kagenui couldn't compete with Hidan's level of power (and there is a difference in what that can mean) was based on invulnerability being something he cannot deal with, Asuma's statement was based on similar.

    The squad's surprise attack failed to accomplish its goal, and Hidan proceeded to trick them because Hidan knew his way around a skirmish better than Asuma, Shikamaru, Izumo, and Kotetsu did. This is evidenced by the fact that even after Asuma found out about the ritual Hidan was able to trick him once again before finishing him off.

    Asuma (and by extension Kishimoto) made it abundantly clear that his opponent was more than just "negligibly" stronger than he was, you don't freak out against someone "negligibly" stronger than you while you have backup, nor do you call them "way stronger", and stating that "oh if we took away his primary ability he wouldn't so much stronger" is just making it even more obvious than it already was.

    "Asuma's definitely Elite Jonin level, which isn't enough to win this fight, but it certainly doesn't mean he can't face off with Hidan either with knowledge or without the curse in play."

    I know he is and I have not denied that. My entire point was that it's painfully obvious someone of that level doesn't have any business being placed against any of the Kages, let alone one of the Legendary Sannin.

    Though I don't believe he can face off with Hidan and meet anything other than failure.
    If your getting this VM your match or the match your judging has been posted, please check the BD to find your match.

    Competitors have 2 days to make their post and Judges have 2 days after that to score each competitors in the various categories and declare a winner. Other than that have fun and if you have any questions PM/VM me or better yet post in the discussion thread.
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