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  • Sima said you're giving permission to transfer ownership of the Tifa x Cloud FC to them? Is this correct?
    It's okayyy. I shall check out those Taiwanese people sometime. You can post there if you want, it's up to you. :D
    ♪Maigo no furi shite you want me more
    Nan do demo feel that you love me more
    Okashi no shiro de you wanna give me more
    more, more, do me more♪
    I guess 30 chapters isn't that bad.

    I'm making a serious effort not to become an audiophile. Like flac files and stuff are just gigantic, but I do go for 320 when I can. Oh, ear wax. Yuck. xDD..but it definitely happens. If you didn't know, I wasn't being serious about you rolling around in dirt. XD Maybe my ear just needs to get used to having stuff jammed into it. I hope that's the case..same with yours. x3

    Ohh, that kind of fan. The only fans I see pitting artists against each other are generally Momusu & AKB fans, some of them at least. Well, and I've heard about K-Pop anti-fans and that stuff, but I don't follow K-Pop that closely. It really doesn't make any why would you devote time and energy to hating a group? Isn't that technically supporting them? I know what you mean in regards to the actual person rather than their appearance. Sometimes though, it's hard to see past certain artists images to who they really I guess magazine interviews can be good for that. I'm sure Namie could do something I don't like, but it's just that it hasn't happened yet...actually FAKE is horrible and unlistenable. But I mostly blame AI. xD

    Ahh, I love Hello! Project. I think to like groups like that and JE, you have to like the idols for who they are and the other things they do because honestly, the music doesn't cut it on its own a lot of the time. I'm resisting the urge to spam you with H!P related stuff so consider it a favor. :D

    I've kind of been under the impression that Namie pretty much does whatever she wants inside avex/Vision Factory. It seems like it's Ayu who's forced into releasing mass singles and incidents like A BEST..but I totally agree management makes most of the decisions and labels print the music and make profits.

    People on AHS do that a lot - if you sift through posts in artists' threads they have virtually no substance. On arama though, I rarely read the comments. xD..I just read the article if it's interesting and post some sort of stupid pun. I don't take anything or anyone that seriously so I think it's fun.

    Maybe I'll try to use my lj more often, I dunno. But I mostly use Wormie and a couple other people for outlets like you said. If someone seriously read through my shouts on Wormie's and page here they'd be able to find out virtually everything about me. I post some pretty personal stuff without a second thought. xD We know people read it too, because she never posts but people who view my page here end up linking themselves to hers. xD

    I never meet people there, I guess I don't know how to do it. Hah.

    Yeahh, we could have had double birthday parties and everything! XDD. But really, I don't think anyone in my grade in HS had the same date as me. I kind of wish someone did though.

    Before I didn't know the extent of Brazilian fans. I don't know why they're always bashed there though, but it gets pretty bad. xD..maybe because they're generally shirtless in their profile pics? Lawl, I'm kidding..sort of. Ohh, so you're kind of infamous then. I only post when something I agree with is trending. So I guess in that sense I'm just jumping on the bandwagon.
    Well I think that happened like 30 years ago, so if you're planning to catch up you've got some work to do. I can't even really remember that last chapters I've read..I don't think I really paid attention to what I'm doing. That's probably bad.

    They're called Brainwavz M1. I dunno. I think you can only get them on one certain site. Honestly I'm not even sure I'm wearing them correctly. They only sound really good when they're jammed in my ear and earlier I took them out and one of my ears started hurting. xDD I had just been using the kind that comes with iPods and wanted something a bit better. How do they get dirty? you roll around in dirt while wearing them or something? Ahh so you're a reformed music elitist. xD

    All fandoms are like that. There are always people who love everything an artist (or manga-ka, anything really) puts out. I'm kind of that way with Namie though..xD. But I'm a huge idol fan and even I know when they release shit. What do you mean by general J-Pop knowledge? I prolly don't have it. Lawl. Why do you say that about arama? I like it. :eek:

    Yay for quality friends. I think you're like my 4th or 5th friend on lj, aha. That's probably why I rarely post stuff there. I think I don't friend people 'cause I don't want them to reject me. xDD, someone on Facebook rejected me and now I just wait to receive friend requests instead of giving them. My ego has been bruised. Oh! I think I realized you were here and there (lj) because Wormie gave us both a birthday banner type thing at the same time, or at least close to one another.

    I don't remember any account names, but I know it was you because when I hover over your icon it says you're from Italy..and like no one else is. And plus, people used to talk about you in the Namie shoutbox a lot. XD What do you mean by out of control?
    I've kind of lost interest in Naruto..I haven't read it in months, I watched some a few weeks ago but they were like episodes from January. The music elitists convinced me to buy some good headphones and I'm using them now and they're pretty good. xDD, well, as good as they can be for my cheapness. All my music is in mp3 format anyway, so I don't really know wtf I was thinking. I'm easily persuaded. I like fun music too, and idgaf if it's on the top of the charts or not. J-Pop enthusiasts aren't really in the position to be complaining about the quality of music since being a popular music person in Japan doesn't really require a good voice. And then there's always those who just wish so-and-so would go back to their old style, because they've been a fan for so long and all. Super annoying

    It is ridiculous. xDD, I added you just now though. I don't really post anything interesting or relevant on mine so don't get your hopes up. XD Yess, we're the same year, too. It's quite amazing. I may have seen you on AHS,with its uptight rules, lame. I feel like you're somewhat of a transient member of, making and deleting accounts. I'm not stalking you or anything but I see you when you post on Wormie's page 'cause I write essays there daily.

    And that one's too big. :cry
    I was missing from this forum for a while too. But I always seem to come crawling back. xD I really fail at arguments but I always try. The music section here fails in regards to Japanese music though so I haven't said anything about it to make an ass out of myself lately. It is a waste of time though.

    Ohh yesh, I'm the same way. xDD..I always feel like if I add people they'll be required to accept even if they don't know who the hell I am. I'm not sure I always knew it was you or not though, I just sort of made the connection. xD I feel like I've seen you in a lot of different places and I can always tell because our birthdays are a day apart and I always talk about it. xDD I shall add you though <3

    Also, did you just post a penis on my page? XDDD
    it's been too long. you ditched me. D: and i feel like i know you from somewhere else but i dunno where/who. xDD..did i answer that correctly :D?
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