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  • Haha, I bet.

    Er, the only place I've bought mine was from IKEA (detolf's). I know that you can find display cases on eBay, but I'm not sure if there are any online retailers you can get them from. I'm sure there are people on MFC that would know, though.
    Yeah I got mine for Hobbysearch as well. SAL seems to be really hit or miss for me on the West coast. Sometimes 4-5 days sometimes 2-3 weeks
    I think I'm going to go ahead and grab that artbook, I sent an email to the website that has it to see If they'll let me combine it with the renfa figure I have on preorder
    The fighting stopped as soon as I got there. Sat in a trench for a week and the only bit of action was stolen from us by a UAV.
    Don't know what to say, but that whole PSY group has me interested, like why are they fixated on Aichi, and will this series go a more supernatural route at some point.
    It didn't shock me at all. I always say it's the person you least expect and the manga version had an even bigger shocker as to who was Nagi's master.
    If you're half-way through then you either have come across the epic plot twist or are coming close to it :hehee

    Mai HiMe and Mai Otome are known for major plot twists half way through their series xDD

    And Shizuru's my favorite Hime character :awesome
    oh and I recommend reading both manga series (Mai Otome and Mai Hime). The great thing about the mangas were that they were running at the very same time as their respective anime series.

    What that means is that the storylines are entirely different (and i mean entirely different from the anime versions) despite having the same cast of characters. It makes for some great plot twists and figuring out whose the villain, etc...
    Not sure what you mean by that...

    Mai Hime (26 episodes) is a stand alone series. I have the entire box set DVD series :del

    Then there's Mai Otome which is pseudo alternate universe with an entirely different storyline.

    For Mai Otome storyline, it would go like this:

    Mai Otome--26 episodes
    Mai-Otome Zwei (Sequel)--4 Episodes
    Mai-Otome 0: S.ifr (Prequel)--3 Episodes
    Just finished watching the first episode, and they picked the perfect seiyu for Aichi. It sounded just like Ren from Ookiku Furikabutte and after checking the credits, it is the same Seiyu xDD

    Not sure if I'll keep up with this series but I usually don't make up my mind until I watch at least 5 episodes. *goes off to watch episode 2*
    Well, I do expect that kind of suicidal loyalty ...

    I'll have to think about adding it to the sign-up agreement.
    Yeah, i will watch the match. It's a friendly match so i don't except a lol. I will see the new french jersey with Nike.
    It's not hate know all the weird things come from this place (most of time pedophily and even pedophily organized by the parents with their neirbourhood). There're stereotypized as people who are unemployed, pedophiles and inbreed.
    support our fight for freedom

    The Crusade for Freedom in the Football Section

    the section mod is trying to enforce a new football section with a very strict zero tolerance policy,no club threads, and no freedom

    more info is in the link

    help us fight this dictatorship and keep the section as it is fun and free!
    Good luck with that...
    Precure and Precure Max Heart (fully subbed)
    Splash Star is nearly finished in terms of subbing (currently on episode 45)
    Yes Precure 5 (a little over 30 episodes subbed)
    Yes Precure 5 GoGo (only 2 episodes subbed)
    Fresh Precure (Up to episode 23 and a few randomly subbed episodes after that)

    Heart Catch Precure is the only series that subbed within days of the raw being released (thankfully fully up to date--22 episodes and counting)
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