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    UC 2 co-op sounds good. I actually have some time for it right now.

    Games I play online... well, mainly UC 2 recently. I play Killzone 2 occasionally, SFIV when I get the urge for a good owning (I suck) and coming soon I play MW 2. :)
    haha. thanks. Ico/SotC sets are hard to find, but there are some great ones out there. I also found one with the female counterparts to the two in my sig.
    Ew that does sound sucky. Good luck in them all though :glomp

    I'm kinda bored and annoyed. Not left the house since Monday and my friday night plans just got cancelled :apathy
    Again you're welcome :hug

    Law? You must be rather clever yourself then. A few of my friends want to do that but you need rather high grades to get it

    haha don't let the subjects fool you. To be honest, I'm really dense but clever at the same time if that makes any sense to you

    :lmao I would have loved to have seen that
    last law exam was a killer

    not the duress paper but the one on murder, sanity, manslaughter etc

    duress i did ok but the last one fucked me hard

    i remember AS first Paper 80/80

    then the june paper


    but then BAM A-levels !
    You're welcome :hug. I bet you are. You'll have an awesome summer. What are you planning to study at uni?

    and haha it's something like 80% overall and 90% just from your A2 modules, so apparently it is going to be hard. No one seems to be sure though. I'm basically just aiming for high marks this year so I can get my target grades. I don't need A*'s anyway. I'm not going to cambridge :lmao

    I can imagine everyone was happy in your year they didn't have to have it

    and nor do I :lmao
    dammit i wanna play it big fan of marvel !!

    when is it out ?

    got B and B

    fucking hard exam...had my law and psyhology on the same day
    dnt mean to be a nosey person but your read your comment with Auraya....i did psychology and law for my A levels last yr
    :lmao I don't mind maths or chemistry so much. Biology is a bit crap though , but I need it so what can you do

    Thank you very much :hug

    Urgh, I hate shitty teachers. I'm having to teach myself one side of biology because my teacher cannot teach. She has a degree in biology but god knows how :lmao

    Good luck with learning all that :hug At least it will all be over for you soon :hug

    I'm dreading A2 especially now you can get A*s at A2. Lucky me to be the first year to be able to get them :sag
    I've just come back from a ban so I could get on top of my school work :lmao

    Chemistry, Biology, Maths and History yourself?

    Good luck :glomp
    Mines good? dude, yours is the best SF4 set ive seen and no mine is Zangief or Bison.
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