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  • Shrym: TekJounin passed away July 23, 2012. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I don't know any other way to reach you. Sorry to bear bad news. Hope you're doing ok. :hug
    SHRYMMY!? You changed your name. All I ever hear of you anymore is virusspam from your old MSN acct. I see your name on MSN pop up, get some spam trying to phish me and I think of you <3

    Miss you, chica, be well :hug
    supermoderator, shrympy :p

    that's why I told you to talk to Gooba (one of our admins; or Taxman or Pek or anyone, they're all real swell) because I don't possess complete power on nf XD
    omg i know how u feel
    2 of my sisters are sick and i think i'm gettin their germies! XP
    liar. :LOS
    No SS fan who hasn't read Color Theory.
    Even I believe Kishi himself subscribing to it, and told one of his poor assistant to translate it to Japanese. :pimp
    I'm on hiatus shrym -__-;
    workload (ARGH!), the cliche but true reason.

    btw, I read what Luna said to you on this guestbook, and I agree : read Bleach. put those big boobies girl aside, KT gave us many MANY MANY hot guys to drool after :ho

    well, at least read until you found a villain named Ulquiorra. He alone could rival Sasuke in my fangirling-meter. :high
    don't worry, i'm not returning to deviantart, but i still watch you and rama and some other assholes. and that is how i know you like hetalia.
    UGH HETALIA IS SO GOOD, SO GAY. did you get to grandpa rome's HELL SONG?? it's a glorious drinking song
    fuck it, I'm making it my official goal! I'll make you read bleach :C

    you know you can trust me, you gonna LOVE it :ruri
    naruto has no yaoi-ness compared to bleach :LOS
    Oh snap! :LOS

    You will no longer haz intertubes for a while? Not good. :pek

    But I guess if it helps with work...
    'Tis I, WalkingMaelstrom, from deviantArt! :gar
    Try again then... and you can ask others to make you them :hurr

    :lmao I want to get drunk as hell too :D To me celebrating new years is stupid, but every occasion to get pissed is alright. >:D

    Whaaat? omg Alex, studying abroad is so much fun, do it! :spaz Belgium sounds awesome, my friend was studying there for one year, she loved it. Maybe they have some international departments there or something? I mean, you don't have to speak Dutch fluently to study there, right?

    Don't stress that much, you'll be alright :3 xxx
    OLD? You were the only young girl there and all? :c When are you going back home? Or you will stay here with your mother for new years eve? ;o

    My christmas was fine, my family isn't old at all :lmao We all met at my grandparents' house and spent couple of days on eating, drinking and talking. I gained like million kgs after this. :wth

    lol don't worry, I think almost no one reads manga on nf anymore :lmao I don't know TTGL and blade of the immortal :LOS

    oh and btw -- why don't you join senior members group finally so you can use 150x avys? :eek:
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