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    Hey dude. Went on a nostalgia trip while bored and wanted to just say a few things. Doesn't look like you've been on in a while but if by chance you do just wanted to say thanks for the camaraderie. You were a good friend and one of the people I could count on in this forum and I always thought you were a super nice person. Hope life is treating you well post NF.
    Is that.... A person bcuz I can't see a name?
    Why that’s very much appreciated, my dude. This place sure does bring back some memories. Life’s good and I’m hoping the same goes for you as well.
    Sup, dude. Hadn't expected you to come back. Hope you've been well.
    Hadn’t expected it either lol. I’ve been pretty good, hope everything’s been superb on your end as well.
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins
    Yeah, things have been good. Glad everything's great!
    :zaru I really want to put something witty and cool but nothing comes to mind.

    So, hi. How's life treating you these days?
    I’ll take it as witty and cool anyway, don’t worry.

    Life’s doing it’s thing, ya know? Settling into a new home, working, living life, ect. That’s the general consensus, but too much has happened in all these years to put into a single message. How bout you?
    oh okay that makes more sense. now you're back to the home base, TX, sort of like .44.

    honestly, my bro and i have been planning to trip all over the place for years, but we've both been busy as shit. i think i won't be 2 years from now, so it's the best time for it.

    and, i can definitely hit you up by then - can even text if you're into that sort of thing. i think i have to see 100% of the world. maybe space, too.
    yeah, i can take a lot of time off during summers, if i feel like it
    i'd be saving most of the months leading up to next summer for it to work out

    that's a pretty big chunk of your week. lol despite my complaint, "we" work a lot when the sessions are in, but our jobs are also pretty cushy...we also get extended breaks. doesn't sound like that's the case with yours :x

    if things workout, i will hit up those places while in tx
    you grew up there? not sure why i thought you were a native new yorker for the longest time :hmm
    nope. this is an idea i thought up a few days ago lol
    no idea how much it'll cost, but it should be doable by 2017
    might be in colorado, north carolina, jersey (or nyc), or somewhere in europe by then
    no idea tbh

    i think i said i don't have time to get invested into anything/talk to people daily
    which i really don't; i have about 70-80 hrs of work per week, on a good week...it's similar to your workload, which requires you to travel a lot. (this is the first off week i've had in ~5 months.)

    please pass along all recs
    so far the only image i have of TX is what drake's said about it
    have you been on similar trips? seems like it'd be the case...given your profession.
    yea, tough position to be in.

    i've been wanting to do a road trip for a few years now -- i'll probably have a chance to do so, in a couple years. i figure since i've been on this site for 10 years i can manage to find at least 30 people to visit...lol
    never really been anti-social so much as extremely busy

    north carolina, texas, louisiana and arizona are three places i have to visit
    the rest...still up in the air
    damn, well that sucks. nyc's a great place - i miss it everyday. but, your new job/educational direction seems pretty hopeful too...so awesome.

    i was thinking about doing a road trip a few years from now
    visiting random NFers as i go through
    lol only way i can get to your profile is through the friends list avatar...
    are you gonna be based in tx for the next few years?
    I thought so, Im trying to fix it so that you can submit multiple submissions

    I know its possible

    I'll kakao you the user and pin to see if you're better at finding it
    you seem to be active when i go inactive
    ps im drunk
    I’m drunk too. Maybe that’s how things were meant to be~ Let’s all chat with Shirashi again another life, eh? Farewell, old timer.
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