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  • that's happened to me before.

    i'm pretty sure i have an '05 account floating around somewhere.

    anyway, i do like the username
    Yeah thanks and glad you like em a friend kinda gathered them up for me XD.

    Me wearing them makes sense since kiba was the first character i fell for in this manga. I thank the SRA arc and video games for that :hurr.
    Yeah people are gonna forget about obito as soon as madara gets a taste of becoming the juubi jin.

    Oh yeah....that...i'm so embarrassed :maybe. After all that talk i did hashirama got overwhelmed by...chakra rods. Well yeah i guess you get the W because hashirama ultimately loss to rinnegan hax. Those black rods can be pretty nasty i will start to acknowledge them more in matches.
    Hm? I was thinking the fanbase had enough of team attacks tbh...would be nice if the edo hokages got to show their true worth before being released. Minato(kishi) still owe me that jutsu he hyped.

    It was awesome as a turning point in the manga. Gonna be a breath of fresh air from the whole obito fiasco which single handily turn the Konoha library(for the most part) into a haven for angry, sweaty and negative fans.

    Also really excited for next chapter because it where madara gets his "show off time"(ya know when the villian shows off his new power and beat everyone one". Tomorrow should not disappoint.
    Yeah, you did :pek:gun

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