I never update... it's terrible...


That's me at Christmas, with my Dickens book.

Not much going on in my life. I read the Death Note series and watched the anime, and nearly cried both times when... well... you know... :(
So, now I have a new favorite anime character. L is so awesome it's indescribable.

I also got a hold of a book that I love that's no longer in print. Not even a hard-back and it cost 35 dollars. Ouch! 'Villains by Necessity.' Wonderful book. Very witty.

My father bought me a webcam so that he can invade my privacy even when he's 300 miles away.
I haven't installed the software yet, and I don't really want to... but I have to do it soon, or he'll probably go all passive aggressive on my ass over the phone the next time we talk. :sweatdrop

Finally warmed up where I live! Whoo-hoo! Just in time for the Renaissance Festival! I'm glad. It should be fun. My cousin Cooper has a booth where he's going to sell his didgeridoos and his slidgeridoos.
Slidgeridoos are made from one pipe inside another. When you slide the pipes up and down, you change the pitch- like a trombone, I suppose. It's fun. He makes them for a hobby. He's gotten quite good, and he burns designs into the sides and paints them and stuff.

My mother has been gathering painting supplies recently, so I think we'll have some new art on our walls soon- no matter how crappy it is. :p

My older and younger sister are going to perform in a ballet adaption of 'Peter and the Wolf,' too...

I think I need to find my own hobby... but I don't like doing stuff around other people... maybe if I lived alone out in the middle of nowhere... meh...

Sometime I'll post a pic of my cat Houdini on here. She's so pretty. I suppose that's it for now... oh, yeah! I have a myspace page now, but my sister has had yet to walk me through its use, so... yeah... here it is.


That's all for now.