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^The Feat

Honestly, I prefer the dub's audio here. Yusuke's Seiyuu is clearly good, but his battle cry comes off as phoned in/subdued... probably because he was well on his way to wrecking his vocal cords from all the shouting he did in his prime?

I don't know, Justin Cook's battle cries always made me feel like he was actually fighting himself *shrugs*


Yusuke = 57 pixels
Ring = 1142 pixels

Ring/Yusuke = 20.035

Yusuke = 1.7 meters
Ring = 34.06 meters


Ring = 39 pixels
Clearing = 1491 pixels

Clearing/Ring = 38.231

Clearing = 1,302.148 meters


Notice? The clearing where the ring is located is so tiny I can only speculate it was one of the small shadows where Jin was was flying up from.

Fucker's might point to this sequence as a contradiction, but its clearly made that large to enable a convenience for a cool zoom in shot of shit growing closer with conventional hand drawn cells. With the regular painted backgrounds, the ratio between the clearing and the ring is far more disparate. Thus I discounted the, albeit rather impressive given its hand drawn, zoom in shot for scaling.

And obviously the size of their auras/attacks isn't a proper measuring stick given the size of those things for sake of visibility has always been exaggerated in this series (the Reigan isn't the size of the DT Stadium/Plateau, the DotDF isn't the size of the DT Stadium/Hanging Neck Island, the combined diameter of Raizen's friend group's aura would be ridiculous given they're well behind the horizon a country or so away in a realm the size of Makai, etc. Its all exaggerated for visibility)

More power to you if you think to scale them off these things in particular, that's just not what I'm doing as I'm trying to consider the implications of the clearing Jin can view. As it stands, scaling off the former 2 methods wouldn't even fit the clearing we see Jin view. As that clearing is essentially invisible from our perspective? This was the only way I could figure to scale it with that in mind... maybe a high end considering 1 pixel for the clearing at the original screen resolution the image was aired at (what would that be? 480p? 360p?).

Any rate?

Clearing = 15 pixels
Okunen Radius = 780 pixels

Okunen Radius/Clearing = 52

Okunen Radius = 67,711.696 meters
Okunen Diameter = 135,423.392 meters


Image 1

Okunen Diameter = 110 pixels
Explosion Y Direction Radius = 127 pixels

Explosion Y Direction Radius/Okunen Diameter = 1.155

Explosion Y Direction Radius = 156,414.018 meters

Image 2 and 3

Okunen Diameter = 127 pixels
Okunen Debris Diameter = 8 pixels
Explosion X Direction Radius = 32 pixels
Distance = 105 pixels

Okunen Debris Diameter/Okunen Diameter = 0.063
Explosion X Direction Radius/Okunen Diameter = 0.252
Distance/Okunen Diameter = 0.827

Okunen Debris Diameter = 8,531.674 meters

Surface Area = PIr^2

r = Okunen Debris Diameter/2

Okunen Debris Cross Sectional Surface Area = 57,139,727.075 m^2

Volume = (4/3)PIr^3

r = (Okunen Debris Diameter)/2

Okunen Debris Volume = 324,998,349,236.311 m^3

Rock Density = 2,700 kg/m^3 (they're fossilized and the debris we can see being eroded throughout this sequence is clearly some kind of rock)

Okunen Debris Mass = 877,495,542,938,039.7 kilograms

Explosion X Direction Radius = 34,126.695 meters

Total Explosion Radius = sqrt((Explosion X Direction Radius)^2 + (Explosion Y Direction Radius)^2)

Total Explosion Radius = 160,093.649 meters

Surface Area = 4PIr^2

r = Total Explosion Radius

Explosion Surface Area = 321,912,504,213.698 m^2

Explosion Surface Area/Okunen Debris Cross Sectional Surface Area = 5,633.777

Distance = 111,995.145 meters

Time Frame = 0.042 seconds (here and here)

Okunen Debris Speed = 2,666,553.452 m/s

KE = 0.5mv^2

m = Okunen Debris Mass
v = Okuen Debris Speed

Okunen Debris Kinetic Energy = 3,119,719,237,317,875,000,000,000,000 joules

Multiply that by the explosion to okunen debris cross section ratio and get...

Yusuke and Yomi's Total Final Clash Yield = 17,575,802,485,658,980,000,000,000,000,000 joules or 4.201 zettatons

Sure, why not. :geg


But wait, there's more!~

As you might be able to tell from this next clip? As their clash ends, their energy continues shooting off into the sky until it putters out and slows the fuck down in bursts.

The first major final burst is what I'll be getting a speed for on account that's pretty much the speed any of their projectile attacks would be moving.


Okunen Diameter = 110 pixels
Beam Diameter (Low End) = 20 pixels
Beam Diameter (High End) = 41 pixels

Beam Diameter (Low End)/Okunen Diameter = 0.182
Beam Diameter (High End)/Okunen Diameter = 0.373

Okunen Diameter = 135,423.392 meters
Beam Diameter (Low End) = 24,647.057 meters
Beam Diameter (High End) = 50,512.925 meters


While I'd call the size of aura and energy attacks exaggerated in general?


Given our view of the attack (the images above are from the Reigan he fires at Yomi point blank that Yomi reacts to and forms a barrier in response to) is so far away that all the Okunen are well behind the Horizon from our main view of the spectator stands in Gandara's major city?

This is honestly probably hilariously low end *shrugs*

Beam Diameter = 6 pixels
Beam Travel Height = 849 pixels

Beam Travel Height/Beam Diameter = 141.5

Beam Travel Height (Low End) = 3,487,558.566 meters
Beam Travel Height (High End) = 7,147,578.888 meters

Time Frame = 0.042 seconds (here and here)

Yusuke and Yomi's Final Clash Energy Speed (Low End) = 83,037,109 m/s or 0.277C
Yusuke and Yomi's Final Clash Energy Speed (High End) = 170,180,450 m/s or 0.567C

Final Tally

Yusuke Urameshi and Yomi's Total Final Clash Yield = 4.201 zettatons

Yusuke and Yomi's Final Clash Energy Speed (Low End) = 83,037,109 m/s
Yusuke and Yomi's Final Clash Energy Speed (High End) = 170,180,450 m/s