I'm fucked off, royally y'know.

Things have been pissing me off around me and I'm just fucking fed up. I'm fed up of my opinion not being asked, i'm fed up of people thinking they walk over me. I'm fed up with pessimists, i'm fed up with optimists. I'm fed up with grammar nazis, political nazis, music nazis, right wing, left wing, communism, socialism, democracy, fascism.

Yeah, thats alot to be fed up with but you get the point. I just feel dejected and ignored these days, both online and in real life and it's beginning to make me feel like shit. My friends and I share music in real life and no one decides to listen to what i give them anymore. It's like they dont appreciate the time it takes for me to do burn these CD's for them, just to not even have ONE listen. It's heart breaking to me and it pisses me off.