So yeah, continuing from my previous blog, today I feel fragile. I dont know why, but i just feel like if someone ran into me with a hard thud, i'd shatter into a million glass fragments, clotting the ground up with tiny little razor sparkles. If you step on these sparkles, you get thousands of microcuts, leading to your feet (or hands if you're a circus performer) become clogged and dripping in your own blood. This would cause havoc if i was to be shattered down Oxford Street or something.

But yeah, I am listening to The Wall by Pink Floyd (which I recently pimped mind you!) and it doesnt help these lethargic and blue feelings. Not that I am blue, I'm just not ecstatic either. I think it's because today I woke up and went to work, but rather than go to work with a blank mind to work as the mindless, obidient ICT techie they want me to be, I finally snapped out of it and am now fully aware of the crappy situation that work is.

I'd much rather be at home, wrapped up in my duvet like it's a fucking womb. Me, my bonsai tree and a good bad. Mmm, bed, how I miss my lie ins...

Though, from amongst all these blue feelings, I found this email in regards to some work I was doing:

"Attached as requested (I hope). Not sure which one you need but the installation will pick the one it wants when you browse for it! Isn't technology wonderful!

I love that, i want to print it out and keep it. Because, what liz doesnt realise, is that this email is the single greatest email in the history of corporate emails. Thank you Liz, thank you so much for making my day with your little wit and charm, you are a true English lady who want to buy a drink for :3

Also, mega-lulz on the NF forum with its drama. Internet drama makes my day sometimes, because I reallise my days are filled with awesome, real life win XD

I'm glad people enjoyed Ween yesterday too. Ween are one of those bands i like to keep to myself, as not to hear bad words said against them. So yesterday was a success! huzzaH! though i would never expect people except maybe 2 or 3, to enjoy GodWeenSatan :3

Oh! i also got this email from my manager:

"Dear Dave,
listening to Animals now. Takes me back I can tell you. Really appreciate it. Hey how about - Pleased to meet you/Crazy Diamond and Dark side of the moon next?

Have you ever heard of Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, and Zodiac Mindwarp... just thought I'd ask.

Tom. :-)"

I pimp Muzack at work too! Go me!