Adding this blog so that things could be more official. First up, the findings that PAS (their system of acquiring their power) does mass-energy conversion

PAS and mass-energy

"In the case of the (phenomenon) being converted (matter=energy) and (the energy field potential) being realized in the next dimension, there is one proviso..." - Paragraph 2

"Fundamentally, the completed Zohar's wish for (matter=energy shift) or again (the energy field) would tie together the shifting time plane at 1..." - Paragraph 5

The glossary for this same segment points out two things that reiterate this

matter=energy shift placement

Out of all the matter in the universe, how much of it can be changed into energy? The comparative ratio of this

and the theory of relativity glossary note, which some of you may know as a group of Einstein's theories that explores the workings of spacetime and gravity. Of these theories is the mass-energy equivalence (or E=mc2 as some know it) that was just previously inferred.

So what does this mean? Well we know the extension of this power can convert matter into energy, which approximate that the usage of this formula for clear events in XGs is acceptable.

So what are these events? Let's find out

Fei vs Calamity

This one is probably the easiest. We witness Fei tapping into his mojo and he completely decimates Calamity. The interesting thing is that we see Calamity literally turn into energy. So that's pretty straightforward

PW says that the dude is 50 tons (one thing PW seems to do wrong is stats. At its given height, unless it's made of styrofoam or 99% hollow, 50 tons is unimaginably low.. but that's for another time)

50 tons = 45359.2 kgs

Put that into this calculator and it comes out to 4.077e+21 joules or 974 gigatons

Elly vs Mooks

Seibzehn vs Achtzehn

Id. vs Elru

Id was noted in-game and in PW to have destroyed Elru (annihilated in PW. Annihilation also being regarded as mass to energy conversion). This one I cannot do since I wouldn't know how to acquire the mass of a landmass, especially one I don't have pre-established dimensions for

Deus planet bust

Deus was also noted to have annihilated a planet. Probably easier since earth, a safe measuring tool, has its mass known already. PW has him doing so to at least 3 planets, but for now, one is fine.

Earth's mass = 5.972e+24 kg

Into the calculator and that's 5.367e+41 joules or small star if I'm correct

Billy's gear crosses continental distance

From the orphanage

In-game showing of the location of the Wel's ship

Using the map

Relativistic on foot?

Throne uses a positron beam. Couple that with her photon brain would allow her quick response, targeting and pinpoint accuracy. So unless the team was getting hit by her all the time (I recall three separate fights with her), I can't imagine they haven't avoided her attacks (this has been incorporated with other games; the assumption that if you fight those with certain type of attack speed, but only available in gameplay, it is assumed they scale. Seen this with Shadow Hearts and Disgaea to name a few)

Goliath crash

The crash

Shipmate informs that dimensional vibrations from a gate reached them all the way at Bledavik from the northeast ocean near Lahan


There was two rough calcs done for this in the past using shockwaves, both suggesting nothing less than megatons.