Yup, entry number 10!

Work is drawing to a close in about 10 minutes and then im off to RP. RP should be awesome tonight, im close to becoming a Vampire cannibal XD I'm taking tomorrow off as well coz im not very well and i can shift my only day off in the week around to my whim, so rather than take an unauthorised day off, i'll take a pre-emptive sickday/day off that doesnt get marked down on the books :D

OMG, people are retards, particularly pretentious uni types. I swear to fucking jesus, no matter how much about ICT you study at university, do they teach you to make a cat5 cable properly? What about sharing network printers? Has anyone on NF studied networking/IT at uni level, if so, can you tell me if they teach you anything beyond IPX/SPX, Netbui, AppleTalk, PCI slots, motherboard tracking and laser printers? Because jesus christ, these new guys no nothing about networking. They're asking about IPX in this place, WHO THE FUCK USES IPX ANYMORE?! ARGH!!

Regardless, we are still a server down, but on the plus we got the emails back up XD

Yeah, thats about it. Time to go and read Discworld novels on a bus :3