WRY WRY WRY!!!!????

why do people hate naruto so fucking much?

isn't it easier to just ignore it?!

why pit it against rapestomp after rapestomp!?

why spit of Kishi's name!?

what's the point people? it doesn't solve anything. it's not like kishi lurks these forums and torments his fans by making his comic worse...and that's another thing, naruto is suppose to be a loser. his life is suppose to suck and he's suppose to be predictable.

I'm more and more convinced that I like naruto because under all the judgement he still gives out his effort and tries his best at shit. unlike some shonens that are at one point useless and then become awesome in like 10 panels (I'm looking at all the reborn! fans when I say this :pek)

this manga isn't great, fine, fuck the police...but it isn't so horrible that the world needs to talk about how bad it is either.