Hiroshi Takahashi

Worst is wonderful; thats pretty much the long and short of it.

Its an incredibly enjoyable blend of action, great characters, comedy and very nice artwork.

The manga fits firmly within the shounen genre but does so in the best manner possible.


Worst is what is traditionally known as a "Yankee Manga" (different meaning and pronunciation than the english version of the word) and it follows a group of delinquent teenagers as they enter the notorius "Suzuran" high school. It centers around one character in particular, Hana Tsukishima. Despite the manga being about delinquents, Hana is an incredibly likeable main character who's quick to help his friends.

Hana and the household he moves into attempt to fight their way up through the school and along the way make friends and enemies alike. The series really comes into its own with the arrival of other rival schools and gangs, each of whom are packed with interesting characters posing conflict and engaging storylines.


Right now is one hell of a time to be a Worst fan as Delinquent manga + Minna scan are releasing it at a very fast pace; thats a chapter every day/every other day with 9 volumes left to catch up!

check Delinquent manga for downloads!!!

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