...it's interesting, I'll say that.

If there is but one advantage to working in the 'Retail Industry' it is the fact that my daily encounters are a myriad, a smattering and a cacophany of brief social interactions; social interactions that certainly, despite the obscenely mundane atmosphere that permeates my work, make me think.

Magma - Udu Wudu <3

The last 15 minutes of work are not the slowest part of the day; the last 15 minutes of work is the space of time in which that bastard Murphy's law trys to cram as many unfortunate events as it can before I can no longer be there. - 15 Minutes before I was ready to be the hell away from work, a man came strolling into the Electronics section. I hate to judge, but this man had Grumpy Old Man written all of his demeanor. Yes, my assumptions proved wrong; downright asshole. Normally, I can understand a certain degree of stress, and sometimes people have off days, hell, somedays I just want to be a dick (I usually don't go out on those days), but, have you ever met someone who goes out of their way to be an asshole? Yeah, that's him.

So, anyways, he waltzes up with his Wendy's drink in hand, and he mumbles something to my Co Worker. I heard 'Car Remote', and apparently he did too, as he directed him towards the Automotive section. Of course, his bitching began already: "You want me to go all the way down there, just to come back here and find what I'm looking for here?" What he wanted was a rather vague concept, so he went ahead and pointed him towards Automotive.

5 Minutes left--

Again, he waltzes back, cup waving like a sceptor. "Do you work in electronics?" [Directed at my Co Worker] "Because I just asked for a Cell Phone charger, and they sent me back here. Wow, you sure you work in electrnics? You sure?"

My friend replies, "Yes."

"Well, you obviously have no idea what you're doing, because it's supposed to be here. Are you really that stupid?"

Indeed it was; apparently, when he said 'Car Remote', he mean 'Cellphone Charger.' My friend, who is a rather intimidating young man, took the smart route, and politely apologized for the misunderstanding. But, oh no, the King wasn't done yet.

However, I didn't hear part of the exchange, another person I judged as well. [I'm not really trying to vindicate or purge myself, but I'm not normally a judgemental person. However, at certain points in my day, I judge people so I can attempt to guage a response to them. It works quite well, so I'm doing something right] He was probably aroune 23-24 years old, what I assumed was an athletic type; team imprinted T Shirt, matching sweats, a sports jacket, running shoes. He looked rather well off, he even sported Diamond looking earrings. On my way of showing him what he's looking for, we pass the old man. Have you ever had a sort of unspoken conversation with someone? I had one with this guy for like 5 minutes as he looked for a specific model, exchanging furative glances every few seconds. - So, I bring his items to the register to have be on his way, and the man is still blathering.

"God, this is rediculous. Can this fellow run the register, too? Does he need help, like you, John?" [Yes, he made a point of finding his name, just to make the insults more personal.]
"You sure you work in here, I sure as hell can't see why."

I'm finishing his items, when he looks over to the man and says "Why don't you chill out, Brotha?" [Yes, I know, please keep reading]

The man stares at him for a few seconds, trying to make himself look unimpressed.

He continues, "Why do you have to act like that? Do you want me to come into your work and act like a fucking asshole to you?"

"Yeah, I would, 'cause I know what I'm doing. If these stupid kids don't know what they're doing, it's not my fault."

"Do you really need to act like an asshole to people that are just trying to do their job? They're working their asses off for, what, like 8 bucks and hour? And all you can do is come in and act like a fucking asshole? What the fuck is wrong with you? You come down here, and act like a fucking idiot to people for no reason."

The man makes a few remarks, mainly consisting of lame attempts to mock the young man's speech patterns. He keeps looking at me for something, I'm assuming he wanted me to interject; this was too priceless to miss.

They exchanged a few more remarks, most of which I didn't catch well enough to transcribe, I was too busy trying not too laugh. - As the younger man leaves, he exchanges a few more remarks with the old man, and then heads on his way, shaking his head.

His last words that I caught: "Fucking idiot"

This is the way the world works, apparently, people amaze you and people make you roll your eyes and sigh. Two men, both of which I'd never met suprise me at polar ends of the personality spectrum; one man redefines asshole in my personal experience, and one makes me feel a little embarrassed for judging so quickly, coming to the aid of two people he'd never met just because he was fed up with the man's bullshit. As trivial, and amusing as it seems, I don't think I'll forget this anytime soon.

People amaze me, disgust me, amuse me, anger me, sadden me, energize me and make me smile. I often find myself engaging in introspective thought by viewing other people, I find what I like and don't like about my self, vicariously through others. Weirdasfuck.


Here I am again, listening to a band you've never heard of, writing about myself, to myself, on the internet for reasons I will never understand. That is so me.