What are these word games or puzzles you speak of, dear sook? I honestly have no exercises or whatnot I've ever used to warm up or get going. Usually someone says 'write me a blahblahblah' and I go for it. Lately my one friend Stephen has been saying 'just write something' and i'm facing the problem of having such a broad canvas to work with I'm overwhelmed and can't seem to get started. I need...boundaries. Or something.

So tell me, I know it's sci-fi you like, but is there anything more specific, any flavor, style, type, mood you are seeking at this moment, perhaps?

No promises I'll actually be able to write after this tho - I must also conquer that which haunts men and other entertainers: performance anxiety. (The harder I wish to impress, the more spectacularly I go offtopic, get weird, and fail).

PS - thanks for the comments and feedback, you made my day :hug