So I was planning on taking pictures of my school, my room, some other things, and having a nice collection of photos ready to show and post to my blog when I got back.

A little bit into the 3 hour trip back to school, I realized I'd forgotten my digital camera. I'd forgotten my extra pairs of glasses for when my contact lenses screw up, but that's not so important, now is it? XD

So there went my wonderful plan.

My MacBook has got a webcam built into it (which is the way I've been taking pictures whenever I feel like it for the last year), so I figured I'd try to carry around the whole damn computer in an attempt to take some pictures.

Meet Griffith:


The male Betta I bought yesterday. It took me part of the traumatizing (for him) bus ride back to campus (standing on a bus with a fish in your hand, a pair of bags, and an iPod is NOT fun) to think of a name for him. I figured he was both nasty enough and gorgeous enough to be a Griffith.

Of course, you can barely see him in the picture. You can, however, see the reflection of the computer screen. ^_^;;

My oh, so wonderful view:


A rather easier picture to take. As you can see... I have no view! My window blind or whatever it's called won't even go up further than that! And look at the wonderful truck parked outside. ^_^

I live next to the dining room. I think the room itself is so nice and big as a consolation prize for being in possibly the worst location in the school. Certainly in the dorm. Noisy at 7am, and I'm a night person, so... oh joy.

There will be more pictures once my camera comes in the mail. Probably. For now... I just missed Convocation (I hate tradition) and should probably go hunt down those of my friends who also chose not to go.

Oh. If you want a picture of me, make do with this:


I'm getting tired of the same old boring webcam shots. D: