Hello i'm Johnny Turbo hero of many and defender against Feka. Those evil bastard tricking people into thinking the Feka CD was the first CD based system.

Than making crappy next-gen Sonic games. I will destroy them for I am Johnny Turbo.

I mainly post in the gaming section however most people will know me from the FC section of the fourm.

As for why I decided to do a blog i'm useing this to talk about three things.:

1:Games as in reviews of video game i've recently bought or just gaming in general.

2: Some of my parodys I do parodys of songs for FCs and other such crap.

3. Some of my personal favriote videos on youtube or other websites I like. Also check out cloud8745 on youtube he does LOL comentarys on video games new and old.

So this was ment to be a sort of introuduction to my blog hope you liked It.:wink