Ideas for future NaruSaku gifs!

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Ohplzamanda and Kanae are ready to consider the idea of making one per month! This here to is keep track!

Ideas by October 10, 2007

1. NaruSaku chase!
- Sakura is carrying a blushing Naruto while being chased by a whole bunch of Narutos.
- The last Kage Bunshin trips before getting up and running again.
NaruSaku: Grab your NaruSaku now!

2. NaruSaku Christmas
- Naruto sees a big red bag
- Sakura pops out wearing a red flimsy Xmas outfit while holding a bowl of ramen. Naruto: *__*
- Sakura's bra starts to fall off.
- Naruto nosebleeds and passes out.
Slogan: NaruSaku: Best present ever!

3. NaruSaku cheerleaders! Starring Naruko and Sakura as pompom-girls!
- fluff pompom to the left
- fluff pompom to the right
- back to the audience, butt wiggle!
- facing each other, hands up and cheek to cheek
- same position as before except one leg up. Heart appears between the two.
Slogan: We support NaruSaku!

4. NaruSaku Ramen!
- Naruto and Sakura are steaming in a big bowl of ramen (animated steam and smiling faces).
Slogan: NaruSaku: get it while it's hot!

5. NaruSaku group hug!
- Naruto is looking down.
- Sakura hugs him. ^_^
- An extra Naruto hugs Sakura. Sakura: O_o Narutos: ^_^
- The pair is smothered by a whole bunch of Narutos. Sakura: ^^;
Slogan: NaruSaku: Feel the love!

6. NaruSaku shopping mall!
- Sakura pushes a cart full of Narutos across the screen.
Slogan: NaruSaku: A thousand for the price of one!

7. NaruSaku on a horse!
- Sakura as the Knight in shining armor, Naruto as the beautiful maiden!
Slogan: SakuNaru: Gallant love!

8. NaruSaku bath-tub!
Naruto and Sakura paddling a bath-tub across the screen.

9. NaruSaku serenade!
- Naruto and Sakura is a gondola floating across the banner.
- An extra Kage Bunshin is manning the boat and singing!
- Another one may be in the water pushing the boat...
Slogan: NaruSaku: Romantic love!

10. NaruSaku snowball fight!
- Naruto throws a snow ball at Sakura.
- Sakura is annoyed and goes off screen.
- Naruto: ?
- a huge shadow appears from above. Naruto looks up and O_O
- *splat* a whole mountain of snow falls on Naruto.
- Naruto's head pops out of the snow.
- Sakura jumps down next to him and kisses him on the head.

Version 2:
- Naruto throws a snow ball at Sakura.
- Sakura is annoyed. Naruto is suddenly worried.
- screen goes black
- when the screen reappears, Naruto is covered in snow like a snow-man. Sakura kisses him on the cheek.

Slogan: NaruSaku: We're cool.

11. NaruSaku avalanche!
- Sakura hears "Sakura!!!!" She turns around, and here comes a whole avalanche of Naruto's.
- or Naruto and Sakura are skiing together. A whole bunch of bunshins get accidents all around them, only the Naruto who's half-led by Sakura is still more or less steady. NaruSaku: Still standing!

12. NaruSaku unexpected
- Tailed Naruto is looking evil and is about to pounce on an unsuspected Sakura who is reading a book.
- Sakura notices him, and looks bored.
- She pounces on Him.
- the view moves downwards. When both of them are off-screen, you see bits of clothes flying about.
Slogan: NaruSaku: Full of surprises!

13. NaruSaku rodeo
- Naruto happily runs on screen thinking about going to find Sakura
- He stops with and goes o_o at what he sees in front of him.
- He starts running away as Sakura appears (on a horse?) is a rodeo outfit and about to string him.
- She lassos him and drags him off screen. A small heart appears.
Slogan: NaruSaku: Catch'em while you can!

14. NaruSaku arcade!
- Sakura-Pacman is onscreen consuming a whole bunch of chibi Naruto icons. XD

Version 2:
- Sakura-Mario walks ahead, jumps on villains such as Orochimaru and Akatsuki, and ends up rescuing the damsel in distress.
- You guessed it: Naruto. Naruto: "Oh Sakura! You saved me! *insert pixel hears*"

Slogan: NaruSaku: Classic!

15. NaruSaku SakuNaru Tarzan,
Sakura swings across the screen while carrying Naruto. Tarzan reversed, basically. XD
Slogan: SakuNaru: Wild about it!

16. NaruSaku, brushing teeth!
- Chibi Naruto and Sakura are on a huge set of teeths and brushing them with huge tooth-brushes.
NaruSaku: Keeping it fresh!

17. NaruSaku, angel and devil!
- Devil Naruto is about to pounce on Angel Sakura. *insert heart*
- Angel Sakura suddenly gives him the most Evil look ever.
- [censured]
NaruSaku: Just give in!

18. NaruSaku Rescue!
- Sakura (dressed up as Maiden in distress) is captured by a fire-breathing Dragon! Sakura: >_>
- Naruto (dressed as Knight in shining armor) shows up. "Don't worry Sakura-chaaaan, I'll save you!"
- The dragons burns Naruto with fire breath. Naruto: ;_;
- Sakura: >_> *punches dragon. Flame goes *puff* and dragon goes KO*
- Sakura drags Naruto away.
NaruSaku: Heroic love.

19. NaruSaku: Rapunzel: Why Sakura cut her hair.
- See Sakura in high tower brushing her rather long hair.
- Zoom down to bottom, where Naruto is staring with love in his eyes.
- See Naruto grab on to hair to climb.
- See Sakura go "WTF?!?"
- See Naruto approaching top. See Sakura greet him rather angrily.
- See Sakura take out scissors. Naruto: O_o;;
- See Sakura cut her hair.
Slogan: NaruSaku: Working your way up. Slowly. But she likes the new hairstyle. It reminds her of Naruto. *heart*

20. NaruSaku Hokage!
- Naruto as Hokage, looking =.= and staring at a mountain of paperworks.
- Sakura: >=\
- Sakura: *whispers something into Naruto's ears*
- Naruto perks up and starts working like crazy. Sakura lets off a little ♥.
Slogan: NaruSaku: Need to get motivated? Join the NaruSaku fanclub now!

21. NaruSaku keeping it in check:
- Naruto in KN4 is on a rampage.
- Sakura in "angry wife mode" appears in apron and hair tied up.
- She hits him on the head with a broom.
- Naruto goes KO becomes normal again.
- Sakura drags him back off the screen.
Slogan: NaruSaku, keeping him in check.

22. The best man.
- Naruto and Sakura in a caravan
- ... pulled by Sasuke.
Slogan: NaruSaku's best man?!?

Ideas by other people!

1. NaruSaku Cupid by Chouzu_Tao
- Naruto sends a kage version of him dressed up as cupid to shoot Sakura with a sticky bow an arrow of love
- He misses her and hits himself.
- Sakura walks over and kisses his owie
v2. (by me)
- Naruto stands there chatting with Sakura
- a Kage Bunshin dressed as cupid sneaks up attempting to hit Sakura with a love arrow.
- Except before he manages, Sakura poofs it with a kunai.
- The real Naruto goes =(, but Sakura kisses him anyway!
Slogan: NaruSaku: She loves him anyway!

2. NaruSaku marriage! - by Crisp!
- Naruto and Sakura are at the alter getting married
- Sakura carries Naruto bridal style out to her motorcycle and then drives them to their honeymoon.

3. Vampire NaruSaku! - by Crisp!
- Vampire Sakura is looming over a unsuspecting Naruto
- just when he's about to notice the threat she strikes!
- she didn't drain him of all of his blood, she just wanted to give him a hickey.
Slogan: NaruSaku It's Bloody Love I tell ya!!

Maybe not ideas:
- NaruSaku scuba-diving: too plain.
- NaruSaku floating across the screen in the paper airplane: too plain?
- Sakura is rolling/falling forward on a huge strawberry (looking down a bit worried to not fall) while Naruto is chasing happily on a huge orange. Or the other way round.
- Naruto and Sakura looking at a small plant, Naruto waters it, and they watch it grow into a beautiful Sakura tree. Too plain?
- Naruto on 4 legs chased by Sakura chased by normal Naruto: redundant because of 1.
- NaruSaku baby: Naruto and Sakura walk by, and is soon followed by a whole bunch of chibis. Slogan: NaruSaku: they've been busy! Too messy.

Spoiler: Other pairings

- Naruto is lured by a delicious-looking bowl of ramen. Just as he's about to take it, a net appears to capture him. The person who did that is Hinata, of course.
- Sakura chases KN Naruto to wash him. This would be more of a NaruHina idea since Keroyon used it in one of her comics.

- Sakura vs CS2 Sasuke. Sakura does Sexy-no-Jutsu, tomato version, ie she appears in a tomato outfit. Sasuke likes tomatoes. He drools.

NejiHina idea by Crisp:
- Bird Neji looking bored
- He sees a shadow looming nearby.
- It keeps getting bigger and bigger and he starts to hear noises until it starts to make him nervous.
- He's about to fly away when suddenly the huge shadow leaps out and snags him.
- It's just snow leopard Hinata cuddling him and wanting him to warm up!