First off, :dupe

Second of all, both races are insane.

Yesterday, I rode the bus home from school, I have to catch 2. On my first bus, there was a crazy guy preaching about God. At first I didn't mind, since it looked like he was just talking to one or two people. Then he started screaming about "how God won't get this generation" and he's some motivational preacher. He claimed he wasn't crazy, but that's not something you do in public. Then got off that bus, and waited at the bus stop with my friend who's a girl. We'd both had enough of that guy, so we sat down, tired as hell. Anyway, here was another guy that was preaching about God. He kept telling me to mark my calender, April 19, Judgment Day. I swear, I wanted to walk home right then, but I kept my cool for my friend. I didn't want her to go home alone. Was is Crazy God Guy day in Detroit and no one told me? Shit, I go to church to be pressured about God, I don't need it after school too. These people were black of course.

White people are insane of course, because of Spring Break. I've seen so many Girls Gone Wild, MTV, and other crap that shows how crazy people get on Spring Break. "Whoo! Let's go get wasted and get multiple STD's and pregnancies, Rock n' Roooooooolll!?" :facepalm There were even all these sobs stories about Spring Breakers on E!, drugs, rape and killings, just insane. And the fact that all these stories were nothing but white people was just dumb.