Or would you do it?...

The few of you who have been wandering on DeviantART, the renown art gallery for all types of artists, might know what I will write about already. Let me just tell you how it happened first...

I innocently look at the most popular drawings section a few times every week. I obviously find a lot of anime, some realist portraits, photo manipulation and nude photography. Out of that mix, only a fourth or less actually deserves popularity in my opinion. Nonetheless, I continue turning the pages until my eyes meet a very strange artwork.
It is in fact a pregnant and fat woman sitting on a mattress, breasts full of milk, belly exaggeratively big.

Very curious, I click and am amazed to see so many comments. I read them and find myself surprised to find many adepts of very fat naked women, often pregnant. "Oh my god, this is so sexy..." is the comment I find the most.

Bewildered, I go to the artist's gallery and realize he draws mainly and only pregnant characters, naked, sometimes naked pregnant lesbian lovers. After seeing his favorites and his friends, I come to this conclusion:

There is a growing community of artists who are sexually interested in very fat and pregnant women.


This is all I can post, considering most of the other artworks of those artists are often without any piece of clothing.


Honestly, I do not understand this new trend. A new fetish? Or is it that after many years desiring thin women men want to explore the other extreme, so obesity and pregnancy?

And to be even more honest and direct, I find this art to be quite disgusting?

I wanted to share my thoughts with you!
Now share yours!