I've had this moniker for a long time.
Vash. For years, it was the only thing anyone knew me as. And at some point, I realized it didn't mean anything to me. I made it because it was a character I liked, not one I identified with or admired.
But mostly, it's not something anyone I know in real life would call me by.

So I tried to get rid of it. Tried to get people to call me Brian.
Couldn't do it. Nobody really wanted to.
So I came to terms with the name I made for myself. I've changed since I made it... a lot. The Vash who made that name was an angry, confused little bastard. But the funny thing is, the way I've changed, I've become more like the man I named myself after. He's someone I can respect and admire. So my name is okay.

But more importantly, I realized that my name has meaning in how it is used. How people I care about call me by it. And that's what's important to me.

So, hello world. You can call me Vash.
If you know me well enough, I'm Brian. Or if you still like my chosen name, Vashu.

And I'm fucking proud of my name.