For English, I had to write an essay. A Narrative essay about anything. So I wrote about My grandfather and my childhood memories with him. Professor wanted to see me after class today. She loved my essay so much, that she wants me to submit it to Prairie Voices.(A collection of students writing, published into a book.)

I was happy when she said she loved my essay. She was scanning through my essay, pointing out what she loved. I was glad someone is giving me their input on my writing. She said she wished she had something to criticize, but the paper was too perfect. Wait, She said I should make the paper two pages shorter.

In my head I was laughing. Laughing on the floor. :lmao I wrote my essay in less than an hour, on a sunday, before my dad left for work and before TJ and I were gonna go out. Of course, I put thought into I was writing. The paper was about my Grandpa. Why would I fully bullshit the paper about my Oyaji?

So Today was good. I gained tons of confidence. I had a good laugh on the car ride home.