I am excellent at making delicious coffee blends at any gas station no matter how limited the selection or how poor the quality.
I want to do alot of different things when I get older: tour with a band singing and playing my tambourine, live in a van and travel around the world making a movie, get full sleeves, be Columbia or Magenta in a traveling RHPS cult, have my own column in NYLON, be in the peace corp to help improve literacy rates, talk about sex to anyone who will pay me, be a flight attendant and write about the places I go, be a rock climbing instructor in Hawaii, have a flop house with parties on the daily and stripper poles in every room, be on Broadway, write the witty anecdotes on the Vitamin Water wrappers, be a character actor at Busch Gardens Europe, be a dj/events director/party promoter for a club in London/Berlin/NYC, get married by Elvis in Vegas, be in a movie that makes it to sundance, be a lifeguard on a cruise ship, get my gauges to an inch and three fourths, be a 9th grade English teacher, be a shot girl at a club, live in a nudist colony, own a coffee shop, write for and act on MAD TV, and be an author.