--Update-- Sent in my findings, didn't find anything more than what the police found, but, I did shed some more light on the particulars. The conversation logs could have easily been spoofed, and I pointed out such. I've done what I can. The only concrete findings the police will be able to use would be what they found out after he was turned in. The daughter was bragging about turning him in to her grandparent... Ugh, messed up all around. It was a setup, though.

Not sure exactly how, but, I managed to get myself involved in a criminal investigation. Obviously, I cannot give details, but, suffice to say that a woman was angry at her ex, pretended to be a 16 year old online, and got him to solicit sex. (He lead the conversation on that front, however).

In this state, soliciting sex online with anyone under the age of 17 is a huge no-no (like, child pornography level no-no). Sexual conduct with a 16 year old, however, isn't illegal, it's just soliciting it online that gets you in huge trouble.

So... defense wants me to help him. Ugh. Both prosecution and defense in this case make me want to puke.