Bleach 291

The first thing that came to mind after skimming through the raw was how little content Bleach tends to have per chapter. After reading a translation, my opinion isn't all that different.

The chapter begins with Pesci and Dondochakka sensing a familiar reiatsu that they know to be Nel's. Chances of them being her fraccion are pretty high, but with the way Kubo does things, I won't be surprised if they too turn out to be Espada, but even that might be a bit too much. Though I wouldn't mind seeing a powered-up Infinite Slick.

The scene switches back to Nel and Ichigo. As Nel goes to finish off Nnoitra for Icihgo's sake, it's revealed that she was once #3 within the Espada.

This of course leads to Nel dominated Nnoitra for the rest of the chapter.

This chapter was all that much different than usual in terms of content, but the fight is at least progressing.


Naruto 370

Jiraiya's interrogation finally ends and immediately afterwards, he spits out a frog whose body is that of a scroll.

We learn that frog is the "Key" while Naruto is the "Seal" to Kyuubi. The 4th Hokage appearantly sealed the "Yin" Chakra using Shiki-Fuujin and the "Yang" Chakra in Naruto. These two chakra nature was mentioned before during Naruto's Rassenshurriken training. It appearantly tied to the Nara and Akimichi's clans jutsu and/or Medical Ninjutsu and Genjutsu also.

From the frog's first words, we learn that Jiraiya last called him during Naruto's training to slightly unravel the seal. Which resulted in the manifestation of the 4-tails chakra. Jiraiya plans to eventually use the key once again for Naruto to complete "that" Jutsu, which might be the same "that" jutsu he warned Naruto not to use before. So it could be something that he can do, but either is more dangerous or incomplete without tapping fully into Kyuubi's chakra.

Jiraiya believes that 4th Hokage foresaw some danger so he entrusted Naurto with the 9-tails power. As opposed to Naruto not relying on Kyuubi, it seems controlling the 9-tails Chakra might become the key to surviving the coming danger.

It seems that the danger the 4th Hokage foresaw might be related to Uchiha Madara, the founder of the Uchiha clan and the 1st Hokage's opponent at the Valley of the End.

He's revealed to be the only one that exists that can summon Kyuubi, and is the likely reason behind Kyuubi's constant attack on Konoha. It could be that this is all just related to Madara's vendetta against the 1st Hokage. But at the moment Sasuke is heading towards the Uchiha's secret hideout to finish off his fight with Itachi. The same place that holds the secret of the Sharingan's original purpose. So things might be on a grander scale than just one man's revenge.

This chapter was a very informative chapter, clearing up a few things and conforming certain "theories" such as Naruto's father. It also foreshadowed certain major events.