Naruto 369

Very good chapter. I love Jiraiya's torture method. Anyone else think he simply tricked the guy by having his comrade be absorbed into the wall during the smoke caused by summoning a random frog? Cuz's a bit much if Jiraiya is truly turning people into frogs. xD

This was a hype Pain chapter and I certainly felt it did its job. Holy crap was it cool to see the origin of the name "Sannin." That Salamander Hanzou guy looked totally badass too. It makes sense that such a shinobi exists like him because how else would the Rain Country be able to survive the constant wars happening on its soil between Leaf, Sand, and Rock. And then Pain killed him. And then his parents. And their relatives and friends. And their children's children. :sag

Seems like he can transfer his soul between 6 different people using that machine.

Get ready for a massive influx of "Pain's best body = Yondaime" threads. :awesome

I'd say it's more realistic that he made Hanzou, like the Sandaime Kazekage to Sasori, his ultimate prize if he really is using dead bodies.

Or the dead bodies of the jinchuuriki (minus Gaara of course...which perfectly makes 6 without him)...which would certainly help to piss off Naruto even more.

Let's hope Jiraiya takes out the one Pain plans to currently use before he inevitably bites it.

Bleach 290

And so Hueco Mundo continues to be bizzaro Soul Society Arc. But hey, who can complain about this one? Delicious thigh Nell.

Anyway, it was a very good chapter, as well. If Nntoira explains, as TomTom theorized in the discussion thread, that he believes he should be the strongest Espada because it was he that kicked out the former Primera Espada (Nell) then I'd finally start to like his character again...if only a little bit.

One Piece 470

Strawhats fighting Oz...Cool but that's all there is to say.

Nice chapter.

Eyeshield 21 248


And that was pretty much reaction when I saw the colored pages.

Hiruma, even as a kid, was such a little badass. "The world's most corrupt middle schooler" indeed. Him kicking ass at Texas Hold'em after simply observing the game and learning it's core strategy was awesome and gigantic lol @ him blackmailing that hotel.

Totally awesome chapter. I love the ones that focus on Hiruma, Kurita, and Musashi and how they became the friends they are today.