Here's where I post my opinion on the weekly manga. If you don't see one that you read, it's probably because I don't read the manga myself, I'm behind, or I simply haven't read it yet (or didn't care to post my opinion on it).

August 31st, 2007

Naruto 368

Jiraiya is awesome. Seeing as he's obviously going to die soon, it makes sense that Kishimoto make him look cool as possible before he goes. His disguise was win because it reminded me of some sort of Jiraiya meets Norman the Ninja fusion. And holy shit, fucking frog house? Cool trick. :iria

Konan is a rather meh name for Blue Hair but I'm sure I'll grow to like it. Paper no Jutsu is an interesting ability with a lot of possibilities so no complaints there. I just hope she isn't weak against water or fire techniques because of it.

Bleach 289

First off, sexy, sexy color page. That skeleton is very cool and it's always nice to see Shirosaki even if it's just his cool smile.

I'm sure everyone once thought of the possibility of Nell being uber so I wasn't all that surprised when she was revealed to be a former Espada. Though, I am interested in her back story. Wonder why Nnotoira was the only one to recognize her...probably because he's one of the older Espada.

One Piece 469

Nice chapter. I'm interested to see how the Straw Hats will deal with Oz now that he's been ordered to kill them. Hopefully we'll see the power of Zoro's reborn santoryuu now that he has a new sword.

Gantz 256

100 pointer? How convenient. :awesome

Well, here's hoping Katou does get to kill it because the manga seriously need Kurono back, imo.

I want him to kick the ass out of all the Osaka Gantzers. Really don't like any of them.


Was there no Eyeshield 21 this week? :(